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Hi everybody,

Maybe somebody can give me some advice/help. I have either rosacea, or mild psorasis(my dad has it, pretty full blown) The raw diet doesn't seem to be helping my rosacea. When I did the master cleanse, my arms/keratosis pilaris improved, but is still present. I'm probably about 80% raw right now. 'ts been about 2 months since i've gone raw. Is it the same with skin, that it will get worse before it gets better? Does anybody know of any herbs/minerals/foods/etc that work well to help with redness, and dialated blood vessels? I still drink coffee, but i can't think that's the whole reason I can't at least improve my skin condition. IT's frustrating since other health issues seem easier to remedy with diet. Maybe if i could figure out what's causing the irritation/inflammation, i could do something.

Thanks in advance if you know anything that has helped.


  • If you get the majority of your calories from fruit and little or none from fat, eat some greens daily or green juices, I believe you will see improvement in 1-2 months. Cut out the gourmet raw (except occasionally but right now to heal, just cut it out), anything dehydrated, etc.

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    hi luxdivon! i've actually been learning a lot about psoriasis because i have a family member struggling with it.

    you are on the right track! diet is the cause of psoriasis. so addressing that is your greatest step to recovering. Any diseases of the skin are a sign of inner toxicity of the body. when your elimination organs get overburdened it turns to the skin to help with the elimination. that's when we get acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc.

    you definitely need to find a way to quit the coffee. it's a stimulant and it's putting a strain on your body and elimination organs.

    the best thing you can do to speed up the cleansing process and to end bad/unhealthy habits is to do a water fast. Doing one for at least 3 days is great, but even a 36 hour one will be beneficial. the best thing to break a fast with is small mono-meals of juicy fruit and then continue adding more and more fruit and greens (like superfood2 recommended).

    i also agree with staying away from raw gourmet. complicated combinations and high-fat dishes will take lots of energy to digest, which will divert all your body's energy from cleansing to digesting for long periods of time.

    here's a great site that has all the information you need about skin disorders, water fasting, and a healthful raw diet:

    hope this helps :)

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