Menstrual Pain. I need help!!!

I have been mostly raw (most days 95%-100%, a few days 50% or so) for about a month now, and I am having my first period since I changed my diet. I am experiencing a LOT of pain and cramping. Before starting to eat like this I never had such bad cramping or pain (except years ago, when I was still a teenager). So, a couple of questions... How come now I am experiencing such pain? Can it be part of detox? What can I take for the pain? I am using heat on my lower back and it helps somewhat, but I am seriously tempted to take a motrin (and I avoid and hate taking meds)... it hurts that much!

Have any of you experienced something similar (hopefully not!)? What have you done if so?



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    There are a number of suggestions on this thread:

  • I'm an acupuncture practitioner. It seems to be cold in your lower abdomen. you need absolutely to eat ligthly warm food, and put on your abdomen sth that will reheat it, essential oil of cloves is very recomended as application of few drops under navel zone, and take a few cups per day of fennel decoction, it warms up lower abdomen

    good luck


  • hey i just said this on another thread too, but it sounds like you're detoxing. I read how your body has to go through earlier stages of degeneration in order to regain good health. It detoxes through the earlier stages of ill health. The fact that you're saying it happened when you were a teenager, says alot. Your body is going through that same process, but importantly is to find some way to detox through it naturally and without synthetic additives. What did you take when you were a teenager? Your body will detox out of whatever that was that was put in your body at that time. I know that ginger tea works wonder on an upset stomach, it seems like it could be of the same benefit for cramps, but i'm not entirely sure. Oh and it's quite wonderful to add a sprig of lavender in your ginger tea :) good luck, you can do it! and after you get through this acute stage, you will be able to go back to your normal periods. (hopefully the acute stage will only be for one period )

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    It took me three periods after going raw for them to return to a more normal state. It was crazy for a bit! It's detox though so take it in stride. I hope the pain is bearable! Try a heating pad on your stomach and some chamomile tea.

  • Thanks for all your replies! The day is almost over and I made it without taking any meds, even though the pain was sometimes really unbearable.

    emptdmom, thanks for the link.

    Karolina, I tried the clove oil (I have a lot of different essential oils, I am addicted to them, but usually use them on a vaporizer) and it worked too.

    trouble, the heating pad helped, and so did the warm tea. I sure hope it doesnt last three periods for me... I will get chamomile tea just in case though.

    luxdivon, I thought it could be detox, but I didn't get why it would hurt like it did when I was younger, so thanks for explaining! I have no idea what I took back then, just what the school nurse/my mom gave me. But I havent taken anything for period pain in ages (just for back pain). What will be interesting will be to see how long my period lasts, when I was a teenager with painful periods, they would last at least 5 days. The past years (ahem, like 10-15) just 3. If now it lasts 5, it will really be my body going through earlier stages. I just never thought detox would be so much, especially since I am not 100% raw and have really "bad" days.

    Anyway, somehow knowing it is detox makes it more bearable though! I might be weird and crazy, but I actually enjoy detox because I know my body is getting rid of all the toxic stuff I have put into it and getting healthier (It's still a pain in the butt though!)

  • I hope you feel better soon!! I know what helped me was raseberry leaf tea.

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