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I'll take any advice on weightloss....I'm looking to loose 50 pounds.

I'm squeezing my way out of a dark tunnel. All I did for three months was practice massive binge eating, mostly on breads and even worse, bagels. I have destroyed my beautiful body. I have cellulite, thunder thighs, and a gut. None of my clothes fit right. I'm a mess. I hate mirrors. Forget inner beauty, I'm a dog. I'm a food addict. I want to love myself, but I would love to loose this extra person attached to my ass.

Now, I'm not new to raw, whatsoever. In fact, I've been 100% raw for months at a time. (no nuts, dried/dehydrated foods, no agave....ect) I havn't been very raw lately, I'm looking to be right around 75-80%.

This is basically what I've been eating, when bread isn't in my face...

1 large salad in the morning

1 16 oz fruit smoothie with maca, flax oil, and green powder for lunch

1 16 oz carrot garlic beet juice at work (or a 16 oz cocao smoothie)

Celery with vegan (not raw) dressing or vegan sushi for dinner usually followed by fruit

(yes, i also know fruit should be consumed in the beginning of the meal, not the end...But I don't follow that rule.)

I've also been taking a liquid vitamin and flax oil in the morning

So, I've cut the bread, when will I lose this weight?

I want to get healthy again, SO badly!


Opinions. Suggestions?? Please.


  • okioki
    edited October 2015

    Im quite new to all this, but I have read in past threads about the benefits of doing a Master Cleanse. How about trying this out for a short time? maybe it will motivate you in the right direction? Im starting my first Master Cleanse in about two days when all the veggies in my fridge are gone.

    Wishing you the best of luck-


  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    I can relate. It makes you feel a whole lot worse when you have experienced what 'good' feels like and then you slip. I know this is contraversial on this site but I disagree with the Master Cleanse when transitioning (and I also read your other threads and see you have had food problems in the past). I find the MC more useful when you are ready to take your eating to a different level again.

    Looking at your example, I don't think you are eating enough to make you feel satisfied, and would certainly double up on the smoothie and juice front. I used to be a 'bread girl', (in fact any grains), and what helped me move through this was to increase my fruit intake - especially bananas. I also stayed away from dried fruits, dehyrdrated foods as well as nuts for the first month, as these are the things that can potentially tip you into a binge session. Also, there are no quick fixes here - you need to give yourself 'permission' to have six weeks before you get into the groove and start to form new habits. (You will also start to see the weight come off by then).

    I'm sorry you are feeling so bad about yourself so please give yourself a chance. There are lots of people on this site who have been where you are and can support. If you have done it before, you can certainly do this again.

  • ahhhhhh, I can relate to your story...I feel for you, I really do. Rawkaren is right (in my opinion), if you double (triple?) up on your smoothies (and do make sure that what's in there is serious veg, not just flimmy flammy iceberg lettuce - go for kale or broccoli, cabbages; the HARD veg:)) you ought to be successfully filled up for the day. If you let yourself get hungry or even peckish, I've found, that's when troublesome thoughts pop in.

    Watermelon worked for me (I've lost 40 pounds in about 3 years), but the key I think is to not lose TOO much in a short period of time; I'm always afraid that my skin will sag. if you let your skin have time to shrink, I think that it'll really decrease the likelihood of getting that hanging skin.

    I think it's great how raw foods almost make it impossible to gain weight; you just need to make sure that your body is getting what it needs instead of what it wants...that sounds preachy, and it's not meant to...I mean, easy does it. You will have cravings (ohhhhh if ONLY sun chips were raw, IF ONLY!) and it's best to not force yourself to avoid them: give in, but give in with something that's raw and delicious. Like watermelon:) or a pickle, my personal favorite!

  • You guys are wonderful. I can't even begin to say how motivating simple feedback is!

    The MC is a great idea, however, I'm going to shy away from it. I've done the MC many times in the past, sometimes successfully, sometimes a terrible binge is followed. I've learned over time, when you're a food addict, that fasting is one of the worst things we can do to ourselves. No disrespect to the cleanse or fasting in general, I think they're great ways to jump-start becoming raw. Plus it's good to give our digestive system a break once in a while.

    It's just not right for me. :)

    I work at an organic juice and smoothie bar, so the fruit/fresh juice intake won't be difficult at all, especially since I'm working on a few new recipes!

    Question: Is there any herb or vegetable that literally attacks fat that I could add to my smoothie?? I also need something to clean out my colon. I ate a lot of bread, but I did not eliminate as much as I took in. I've tried psyllium seed husk, it didn't seem to do much for me. I have a few teas (get it going, smooth move, get regular) they don't do much and have completely turned me off of fennel/anise. I've also tried a 365 brand 14-day colon cleanse a few months ago. It worked, but I was cramped almost the whole time.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    dianthus, i am not very good at losing weight. the thing is- we all know how to lose weight (healthy diet, exercise, blah blah blah). it's just whether we actually use the tools we know to do it. your meal sounds great and healthy, but do you really enjoy it? you have to feel satisfied so you don't binge on bread and such.

    my best piece of advice is this- love your body now. that's it.

    when i had an e.d., i wanted to be skinnier and skinnier no matter how skinny i was. it's a vicious cycle and i was so miserable. now i'm 20 lbs heavier and yeah, i lost my perfect skinny body, but i've reaized that being skinny won't make me happy because i've been skinny before and was so depressed.

  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    I'm not sure that any food genuinely burns fat, although there are things that supposedly help to stimulate the metabolism., such as eating breakfast, strength training (as well as cardio), drinking lots of water (to flush the system), staying clear of snacks in favour of just eating at mealtimes.

    Here are some ideas that might help you.

    Smoothies. So I like my juices and smoothies pretty perky, so I tend to spice them up with fresh ginger and lime and very often, spearmint. These all give a real lift to the taste of a smoothie. Ginger is great for nausea and is supposed to fire up the metabolism (I have no idea if it does).

    I prefer flax seeds or flax meal to flax oil, as it gives more bulk. I sometimes put flax meal in the thicker smoothies. I prefer them to psyllium husks, but I know some people find flax too hard on the digestive system. As an alternative try chia seeds, which are good - not in smoothies, but when you make raw puddings (think tapioca consistency).

    Finally, here is a smoothie that I promise will keep you satisfied for the most of the day. It is a variation on Jason Vale's Turbo Smoothie, but made my way:

    Large thumb of ginger, juiced

    Two whole limes, juiced

    3 or 4 apples, juiced

    Half to a whole cucumber, juiced

    Two large handfuls of spinach or kale, juiced

    Half a large pineapple, juiced (or 1 small)

    Large avocado

    Tbspn of flax meal or alternatively 6 almonds (optional)

    Handful of spearmint leaves (optional)

    Put all of the juiced ingredients in a blender. Add the avo, spearmint and flax/almonds and blend. Serve and enjoy.

    Finally, finally. I have no idea if this is useful or not, but I saw a homeopath (out of desparation), to get to the bottom of my food issues. We tracked it back quite along way and a large part of it related to taking birth control pills for many years and the build up effect it had on my system and my emotions. I'm not saying i'm 'cured', but I found it completely revelatory and it helped me to move forward after one or two remedies. If I had known what I was doing to my body, I would have never taken it.

    Good luck!

  • The best method to completely clean out the colon is colon hydrotherapy. I went three times and I have to say that there was a 5lb difference right there, not to mention all the other benefits I noticed right away. My stomach is so flat it is unbelievable that I had permanent bloating for so long and thought it was normal. I probably had years of junk stuck to my intestines which was making things worse, especially food cravings and binge eating. It is a viscious cycle.

    Try colon hydrotherapy, it is worth every penny that it costs.

    There are no magic herbs or pills unfortunately for weight loss or fat reduction. The best way to lose weight is a combination of healthy eating, high and low intensity workouts and weights! I used to work in the supplement industry and they are all marketing gimmicks as far as I am concerned. Good luck!

  • I agree with Joanna and tukiville- there is no secret food or drug to banish fat! I HATE those ads and commercials and it's so sad because you know people waste money on them!

    Love your body and embrace what you have. It's going to take time and it sounds like you are back on track with your diet. I would add exercise as well because muscle helps burn fat. I think everyone has had issues with weight and fallen off the "bread and bagel" wagon at some point, the trick is to get back on and to keep reminding yourself how good your body feels when you eat better. I like Joanna's point in that once she achieved her goal to be super skinny, she was no longer happy... kind of a catch 22 there. Whenever I am doubting myself or my meals, I jump on here and read the forums and it puts me in the right frame of mind.

  • Again, you people are magical. I can't even begin to explain how helpful you are!

    Anyway, I just wanted to share something that made me feel incredibly strong today; There was a batch of delicious organic vegan gooey chocolate coconut pecan bars and a few organic vegan chocolate cream cookies that I could have brought home tonight and enjoyed, but I didn't. Not even a nibble! Knowing how great I've been feeling without all that sugar and flour, made it so much easier to pass on every one of those suckers. The will power was so motivating in itself. I couldn't believe I said no!! This is a huge step for me and I'm going to continue walking this way.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I don't know much about you, but losing 50 pounds is a pretty lofty goal. I bet you can lose five. Then five more. And another five. And so on. I think I mean "50" is huge, but it's not like if you lost 25 pounds you'd have failed somehow.

    Ditto water, colon hydrotherapy, and loving thyself as thou art!

  • Dianthus! Way to be positive today! I wish I could say the same for me... my husband graduated today and I ate a doughnut... BUT today is the first day in years that I shunned a cup of coffee! So I look at is as baby steps. Suasoria made a good point in saying that 50 lbs is a lofty number. Something that has helped me in the past has been setting completely attainable goals and rewarding myself with little presents for beating them. I have asthma so running is not the easiest for me but when I finally ran 5 miles with out stopping, I bought myself a new work out top as a reward! It feels good to accomplish litte victories. Keep it up.

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