Birth Control Pill Causes Pre-Menopause Symptoms in Child-Bearing Women?

I just came across this article, and I am just in the beginning of my research to decide whether or not to discontinue the pill. I have never heard of anything like this before, but having had a saliva hormone test (which led to my being prescribed natural progesterone treatment), I would have to say my symptoms coincide with pre-menopausal symptoms.

Could someone who has done a bit more research than myself offer any opinions on this article, or point me to other things I might want to read? I stopped taking the pill about two weeks ago, and I really think I am done for good. I think I am going to find a good naturopath and work on balancing my hormones naturally with food and possibly natural progesterone therapy. I know there is a lot of talk about birth control on this site, but has anyone else experienced pre-menopausal symptoms? Anyone get their hormones and bodies back in good working order? Thanks for your help, ladies!


  • I know this post is old, and I'm not sure whether or not the user is still active, but I did a search for "birth control" and ran across this post. This article was intriguing to me having just come off the pill for several of these reasons. I found the following paragraph particularly interesting due to having experienced MANY of these side-effects, myself:

    "Information emerging about the female brain reveals that estrogen is an essential hormone for healthy brain functioning. It enhances the connections between neurons, resulting in improved memory and prevention of dementia. Mood, smell, self-esteem, and even the ability of a woman to choose a healthy partner to father her child depend on estrogen. It stimulates the production of serotonin, which is one of the

  • I forgot to note that yes, the bloating almost immediately stopped. My boyfriend pointed out to me just last night that it's the least bloated he's ever seen me...and I ate like a friggen cow all week! Bloating was HUGE problem for me over the past couple years, and it never had been a problem in my past. I started thinking that at 23 I was starting to already "age" and gain belly fat... sheesh. I complained of it almost everyday, so I'm sure my boyfriend is just relieved to see me not self-loathing anymore :)

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