Hi from canada

I'm 17 years old and ive been a vegetarian for 5 years and a vegan for 4 months now. I have a huge love for food and cooking and im very health conscious (maybe a teeny bit obsessed :/ ). I went raw last summer and i just loved it but i found myself craving warm food once winter set in so i started eating really badly and gained like 10 pounds. So in the new year i went vegan thinking I would feel better and i did but I still had a huge sugar addiction to deal with. So I just finished 14 days without sugar which seems to have helped a lot but not completely. Anyways summer is here again and I feel like eating more veggies and loads of fruit so I thought why not go raw... and i found this site again (i used some recipes before but i wasnt a member) and decided to sign up!

I'm really excited to get back into this and I cant wait to get started!

Some other things i love doing are gardening, biking, hiking, and yoga which i want to maybe teach one day.

I'm interested in meeting people from around here (Quebec) who are raw or who have some common interests and are close to my age.

Oh and i was wondering if anyone else takes Vega because i have just started and love the stuff. I was wondering if its raw.. I only started because i was craving meat which has never happened before so i thought maybe being vegan I was missing something in my food.

So im also a huge believer in eating instinctively and I do not want to eat meat even if im craving it so I think ill keep taking this stuff if it ends up helping even if its not raw.


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    Hello : )

    Welcome to goneraw! Im seventeen too so im excited to see another younger person on this site. I have never tried Vega but i have been considering it myself because right now I am using a raw hemp protein powder which i love - but vega seems like it ill provide more vitamins ect. Unfortunatly I dont live near or around Quebec - I live in Ohio. :)

    Hope to talk to you soon!



  • Hi Emmasoleil,

    I too am in Quebec (Montreal) and am 16. Where abouts do you live? I'd love to know someone else who is raw around where I live.

    I've never tried Vega either but have heard good things about it, although I don't believe it is raw.

    I can totally understand the whole cooked food thing. I've been raw for 2 years and the first year I was 100% for the whole year. But then last summer, I went on a sailing trip and so had to eat a bit of cooked food, and then I stopped being completely 100% (would go out to a restaurant every 3 or so weeks). But this past winter I found it SO hard. It is just so terribly cold here and I felt like I needed the warmth. I too gained about 10 lbs.

    Luckily, I have managed to stay away from sugar, but have a terrible addiction to bread and indian foods.Oh well, I think that the best you can do is try your hardest and not beat yourself up about it.

    I'm really excited though, coz tonight Im making these raw sushi I have a recipe for and they look delicious. Hopefully they will be good enough to stop the cooked food cravings.

    Good luck on your raw journey.

  • Thanks for the replies! I just got my wisdom teeth out so i wasn't feeling great for the last while. So now im back but finding it hard to start off. I guess the wise thing would be to start adding more fruit and veggies to my diet and slowly transfer cause im not ready to jump in 100% this time.

    Sexyraw99,I'm from Montreal too! Its rly impressive you stayed raw for so long, it motivates me to get going and hopefully to keep it up! My email is romantic.comedy@hotmail.com we should talk and maybe do some (un)cooking sometime.

    Mikfizzle, I think its worth switching if you can afford it that is cause its sooo expensive. I take half the portion cause its like 90$ for 15 days if you dont which is just outrageous. However Ive heard hemp is also great but i like that Vega has maka and spirullina in it and alot of other things so if you do take the full dose you get 100% and more of your daily vitamins.

  • Hi Emmasoleil,

    Good luck on your raw journey. I live in Gatineau, Quebec and I love to cook and I am very health conscious. I like to create new recipe. In Summer time I have more time to cook and create...

    I've never tried Vega either but have heard good things about it.


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