What do you eat when you lose your appetite for a few days?

CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

I sometimes get really preoccupied by life circumstances and then lose weight, don't feel like making food or cleaning up anything.

Should I make myself eat? Is it ok if I only eat fruit, green smoothies and occasionally grain bread (but those are starting to make me gag, I think my body no longer wants that).

I don't like losing this weight.


  • Hi Carnap - This happens to me too. Do you like salads? I find a big salad everyday keeps my appetite steady. You should calculate what you are getting nutrition-wise into one of those dietary calculators to see where/if you are lacking nutrient-wise. It might motivate you to eat more. Do you think your body wants things other than the fruit? You mention bread...do you have any cravings? I also try to eat soon after waking, because I know I can go the entire day forgetting to eat. At least at home I can prepare something raw.

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