The Ultimate Meal?

I found this at Wild Oats yesterday and decided to give it a try. It raw, and I am only going to try it for two week sto see if its actually worth the price.

Tell me what you think of it? Im kind of worried cause it has some grains in it, and I havent eaten any since being raw. (unless my raw restaraunt puts some in their food).


  • I feel full. More grounded. But a little sick. I think thats because I had some SAD food on sunday though :( I think I would rather try some protein supplements from Raw Power. Hmm

  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    Hi I looked at that web site and couldn’t find the ingredients. I saw that they were talking about sprouted grains so it sounds like a good thing. If they are there and it has rda values let me know because my boyfriend might be interested. The thing that bothers me is that you are limiting yourself to those foods they put in there.

    Have you looked into making yourself soups? That might be a good thing to eat. Also pumpkin seeds are great if you haven’t tried them. They are high in iron and can be made into pesto or spiced and made into trail mix. Sugar snap peas are also really high in protein and low in calories. You can snack on a whole bag of those fresh. I’m thinking you don’t want to skimp on natural electrolytes. In a mix it seems like the enzymes will be destroyed because the water is gone- but they say they made it right. You need fresh waters from the fruits and combine with cucumbers, melons, red and yellow peppers. I don’t think someone should only drink sweet smoothies. Soups drunk like smoothies would be better I think.

    Good luck!


    It looks like it’s at least partially raw, but not all raw.

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