hi everybody. my name is patty and i live in las vegas with my 2 small kids and wonderful hubby of 12 years. i am into living foods, i love the way they make me feel! i also love this site with all the great recipes.


  • Hi Patty! It’s nice to meet you. Did you ever work out that recipe thing?

  • Greetings and welcome, Patty. In what part of Vegas do you reside? I am from there (but in the military stationed in VA at the moment) and miss it very much. I will be coming home on leave at the end of this month. Is there a raw food restaurant in town that you would recommend? I haven’t been home in years and my family isn’t raw, so I am at a loss for resources there.

  • hi elizabrat :) i`m in the south part of the valley….lvblvd and st rose. i`m still a newbie to raw-within a month so i`m not sure about restaurants. there is a cafe called the vegee cafe i believe on windmill and eastern in the smiths shopping center area. they`re pretty pricey though i`ve heard. i`ve gotten a couple salads from them and a wheatgrass shot or 2 but that`s about it. how long are you able to stay?

  • writeeternity: yes, i did figure it out thanks :) my computer for some reason was only showing the delete recipe icon and not an add recipe icon. go figure but it`s all better now.

  • Patty,

    I will be flying in on a Tuesday, heading to CA to visit some friends, coming back Thursday night for a conference at the Rio Fri-Sun and flying out late Monday night. I wish I took more leave because I really didn’t leave myself much downtime. I will try to google the vegee cafe to check out their menu. Thanks for the information. smiles

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