Coconut Oil Detox

Has anyone tried the Coconut Oil Detox? Any feedback would be appreciated


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    I know the original post is really old, but in case anyone else is interested:

    The coconut oil detox is basically a type of fast where you eat 10-14 tablespoons of coconut oil a day and drink a mixture of water, lemon or lime juice and salt for 3-10 days. It's supposed to be a good way to quickly get candida in check, cleanse your liver, as well as other things, I'm sure.

    I tried this and lasted for one day. I will admit that I had been eating pretty low-fat before I tried this, so with that in mind . . .

    I was OK for a while, but not getting anywhere near the 2TB an hour that's recommended. So when I got really hungry mid-afternoon, I did eat about two tablespoons in a single sitting. I was fine for a little while, and then got incredibly nauseous. I sat on the bathroom floor for a while, expecting to lose my lunch any moment, but it never happened. Fortunately, the nausea passed, and I was able to continue on my day (doing things around the house)--though I felt pretty oily for the rest of the day. I could feel it as a sheen on my face. I'd had maybe 5 tablespoons by that point.

    I finished the rest of the day with just lime juice, water, and salt. I went back to eating the following day, though I could still taste/feel the coconut oil in my mouth during the whole day, even though I brushed and rinsed with baking soda. I didn't notice any particular benefit from the coconut oil, except possibly slightly smoother digestion and softer skin--except on my face, where I broke out. I didn't have to "run to the bathroom all day" as some people have experienced.

    I wouldn't try to discourage anyone else, but I definitely recommend working up so you're comfortable eating ~3TB of coconut oil on a daily basis before you start. I also recommend not skipping the "lemonade" part--the lemon juice and salt really made me feel more sated and somehow balanced. Though not quite enough, apparently.

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