Want a raw roommate?

I'm moving to New York city in a few weeks to be a Raw lifestyle coach / raw vegan chef / nutritionist / personal trainer / etc.... I want to take a holistic spiritual approach to health, making vibrance available to everyone, regardless of income or previous diet! :-)

Here's the thing... I don't know anyone in Brooklyn! And I especially don't know any other raw vegans, yogis, conscious people, or spiritualists. I'd like to find roommates that have similar lifestyles.... I'm generally a fun, creative person, who is very devoted to her spiritual practice.

I need a roommate who is okay with morning chanting, reclusive meditation habits, their roommate drinking algae or growing Kombucha fungus in the fridge. Not to mention, I can't live with vibes of drinkers/smokers or non-organic chemicals and such that most people keep in their homes...

So I'm asking this question in the hopes that someone here knows someone in Brooklyn, preferably a vegan, yogi, hippie, spiritualist, whatever, who is looking for a roommate! Or, if anyone knows of anywhere else I should look (craigslist and most roommate-finding sites don't allow for much specificity...) Please let me know.

I'm looking for something in the 500-700 range, preferably to move in by July 1. Also, I have a cat.

I'm very excited to be a part of this community and to meet everyone here in the area!! :-)

Here's to intention!


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