messed up metabolism

About a year ago i went on a crash diet and lost 20lbs! I went from 130 to 110 in 3 weeks and being 5' 7'' the crash was hard on my body! I never know when im hungry until im so lightheaded and weak in my legs and body that i feel like im going to pass out! Ive tried to go on the raw diet and eat healthy but if i dont get calories i get so sick from not eating good that i have no energy and i binge on the worst food after! I figured if i forced the weight back on that would help but i couldnt of been more wrong. Now that im back up to 130lbs my metabolism is even worse than ever. I want to eat raw foods but idk how eating this way could get my body back on track. I would hate to see a nutritionist and have them tell me that i need to eat meat and dairy to feel better. Idk what to do but its destroying my life I havent been normal since! Does anyone honestly think that i can fix myself through a raw diet, because it would make sence because it its where i would get all of my nutrition that i would need even though all of my tests came back normal! I really need help i cant take it anymore...any suggestions would be wonderful! Thank you!


  • im scared and i really need help!

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