Advice, Advice, I need Advice!

Hello All

Well here I am on this new journey of raw! doing great so far today I had so much energy that I couldnt contain myself LOL

I wanted to go run, jump, dance, and exercise and all at once LOL call me crazy but I havent had this much energy in years!!! Im 41,

Im over weight and I go to the restroom more times then I can shake a stick at since starting this journey a week ago..Is this normal??

I drink probably more water now then I ever did,, I use to drink milk alot till a month ago I quite cold turkey since I got sick every morning

like morning sickiness if I drank milk this happened for 20 years now!! so ever since I gave it up I have not gotten sick!! I find that I am craving

sweets so I just grab fruit or a carrot to ease it and I been using organic Grade B maple syrup to ease the craving!! Is this normal to crave sweets??

I know I can do this but I would like a little guidance from some one that knows where this new eating habit will lead me I know Im losing weight and pretty fast but trust me I dont mind, I never had a weight problem till I started having children now 5 kids later I need to shape up!! and I have no excuse since three are on their own and only the younger two are left. So Im open for advice!!

10,000 Blessings

Tina Marie


  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    Tina Marie. Welcome and congratulations on making the leap. There are alot of threads on this site about weight loss and cleansing. People here are very giving and willing to share what works for them. Everyone's journey is different and here is my own advice on how to lose weight on raw:

    1. Keep a journal. It helps to stay focused. A food diary or blog helps you talk out how you are feeling.

    2. Be active on raw community websites. There are loads around, but to be honest I think it is the best.....

    3. Read as much as you can get your hands on about the raw lifestyle. It keeps motivation levels up.

    4.. Dont be destracted by raw gourmet foods when trying to lose weight. They have been the source of many de-railments for me! Keep your eating simple.

    5. Eat alot of fruit (unlimited) - it helps with cravings.

    6. Eat alot of greens. Green smoothies, green juices, all help to keep you feeling satisfied and blood sugar levels stable.

    7. Whilst you are in this phase, stay clear of dried fruit and alot of nuts. Eat seeds instead.

    8. Never, ever weigh yourself. Use your clothes as a guide.

    9. Enjoy what is happening to your body and have fun!

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