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Colonics reccommendations in NYC

Fellow new yorkers! I think I'm ready to get my first colonic (yikes!) Does anyone have a place in manhattan that they prefer? Cost is a little bit of an issue, in fact how much are they anyways??


  • good for you, girl! i love my colonics at sana vita, near union square.


    they're a bit pricy at $135, but for me a great first colonic is worth every penny. everyone there is wonderful, i can especially recommend Arul or Talmie. i wish i could afford to go more often :)

    i know there are also less expensive options out there (around $90-100). maybe check citysearch to see what other places people rate highly.

    best of luck - let us know how it goes!

  • Done! Thank you for your help, i had no idea where to begin....

    I'll let you know, have a super day!

  • Sa-Raw- Good luck!! I had my first today and it was great. I am from NY and they were alittle pricey there, so i kept holding off and finally had one today at my new home in NC. I tell you, its worth it! Mine went for $85 here, so hopefully you can find one for that price in NYC. There is one place on the Island that is fairly priced, if you decide to trek out that way i will find out the name for you :-)

  • You must go to the Natural Alternative Nenter. They are by far the best in the city with a supersweet and friendly straff. Dr. Trish is great, she has been in the business for over 20 years and is truly a healer who wants to help people and make them feel better. They have special detox programs at the clinic and they also offer other services such as bodywraps and acupuncture. Their bodywraps work, you do lose inches and if you want to look good in the summer and feel good, you should definitely be going to this place for colonics and bodywraps. The place is under major construction right now, so they are having discounts on all of their services. Get your bang for the buck. Also what is impressive is that the NAC features 4 types of different colon therapy equipment, while most places only feature one. They also have advanced level therapists who are board cerified and many other places in the city, surprisingly and unfortunately, aren't even on the National Registry. Check out their website--www.thenac.net. and book your appointment today.

  • Some people opt to do colonics at home. Not for everyone because it may not be easy but it can be done.


  • I give colonics in a beautiful wellness center in midtown. We offer gravity colonics and I use heat and castor oil massage to facilitate the best release. It's the Edgar Casey method. I recommend a combination of all or mostly live foods (mostly greens), probiotics, enzymes, food combining for great digestion. I offer nutritional advice and can hone in on your specific issues during the colonic. I also follow up with email support-articles and videos. I love helping people get healthier and feel their best. I struggled for years with digestive problems and colonics are the missing link. You can only get so far from healthy eating. It's a must to clean out the old junk. And it's a process. One is not enough. We recommend a minimum of 6 once a week 2x a year but for some it is not enough. If that is too expensive, just do as many as you can. It will all help but to really get rid of the plaque, it takes a little time. I work at The Office of Integrative Medicine and colonics are $130. Go to my website wholebeingwellness.net for more info. Please let me know what times suit you best.

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