What are your thoughts on Tooth Powder?

Hey, has anyone read the most recent post on the "Radiant on Raw" blog? It has peaked my curiosity on tooth powder. "Ipsab Tooth Powder" is really cheap and has good ratings on Amazon. I am considering trying it. My only hesitation is that my teeth are sensitive, so I am kind of picky about what I use.

Has anyone used it? Does it work? Thoughts?


  • I'm too nervous to get off of fluoride toothpaste... I HATE dentists with a flaming passion, so forsaking my Aquafresh for tooth *powder* with no ingredients proven to fight cavities is, to me, like playing russian roulette with my teeth. Can't eat much celery if you're gumming it, can you? :-P

    If you try it, let us know if it does work!

  • just buy a natural toothpaste like toms or jasons, and use floss. the reason why most people need to go to the dentist is because their diet is destroying their teeth.

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