I would like some direction


Im new on this journey of raw although I still cook my potatoes thats the only thing I do not eat raw and I feel great, But today I felt like I wasnt full enough so I got a veggy lasagna from the store and boy did it make me sick!! it was a stoffers kind, so I will take that as a experiment I no longer want!! I feel like Im lacking somewhere, I dont eat all those fatty foods you talked about because I really dont desire it, But I need more direction in this, I use the bathroom alot and Im not over exagerating ALOT is this normal?? I know Im drinking more water then ever before but I was just wondering? I


  • Welcome!

    Try dates for something extra sweet (in place of maple syrup) or maybe a peach or mango banana whip (freeze bananas [ripe, cut up into 1/2-1inch pieces).

    I think it's normal to go to the bathroom a lot. Perhaps prior, you weren't going enough and now your body is happy to eliminate, uh, some things. :)

    High fruit and salads are great! Try using herbs to flavor your dressing, such as cilantro, basil. Or try no dressing at all. Lemon juice is great, too. If you use oils, do use cold-pressed/raw/unfiltered, such as olive, hemp, flax. Or blend avocado with herbs, water, lemon juice for your dressing. You may find that a salad with grapefruit segments is awesome w/o any added fat.

    I think most people experience an unfulfilled feeling in their stomach when going raw. Believe me, this is great for feeling light and moving around - you don't want to feel heavy! You will get used to it. In the meantime, just eat more fruit. :D

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