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Stay with me now...

I'm looking for either an MP3/CD of melodic, lower range whale "song". These could be set to soothing music. Recently, I listed to Wayne Dyer's Keynote talk from the I Can Do It conference (see gift #2 at http://promos.hayhouse.com/dyer/052609email/) and at the end there is a gal singing Amazing Grace with whale songs woven in, very special. I found the songs very resonating. Those are the type that I'm looking for. The clicking and high pitch stuff is not what I'm looking for. BTW, the Wayne Dyer gifts are pretty cool on that site. Soooooo... if you know of anything that fits "the bill", please either post here or email me. Thankx in advance...

Additional gifts to y'all... On the subject of whales and dolfins... there are some great videos at http://evolutionezine.com/peace-in-water/. I do not know anything about the organizations that are mentioned, simply thought the vids are great. Evolutionezine finds some really cool stuff that they "package" in a weekly ezine. I have gotten turned onto a lot of really cool stuff (free) from their articles.

Enjoy... *splash* *splash*


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    I do not have any info for you...just wanted to say I caught that moment with Wayne Dyer..where his friend sang with the whales. It was Beautiful!! Happy Moments and Happy Thoughts!!!

    Many Smiles!!! :)

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    SimplyRaw~ *tail wag* *splash* *splash* to you. Were you at the Las Vegas event or how did you hear/see it? If you were at the event or saw it some other way, would you describe what it was like? I really enjoy his talk (I've listen to it a few times) and it is cream on the top to hear that song. I downloaded the talk from the link I gave in my other post and clipped the piece in iTunes to start at the song. I listen to that now quite often. I find it very powerful and with the stuff he says in closing after the song really makes a nice daily meditation/affirmation/energy boost/journey to LA LA land..

    Happy Summertime to you. :)

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    No, I wish it was Las Vegas. Can you imagine the wonderful energy that filled that event....:)

    No, it was on a whim. Turned the tube on and caught a small part of Wayne Dyer speaking on PBS. I was where I was suppose to be at that moment....to listen to the message the Universe was trying to send me. Caught the song during that time. There are signs everywhere...I tend to forget from time to time...but the Universe always finds a way to remind me that I am not alone. Learning to Listen.

    Went through something recently...where I was quickly reminded we are not alone. The Universe reminded me to let go...to surrender my worries, fears, and judgement... reminded me that all we need is right here inside of us. That we have the strength inside of us to do anything. There are no limits. Life is a journey and there are no rules. We can make of it what we like...no limits to the magic that lies within us. So at this moment in time, I find myself focusing on my own pace. I watch my dogs, I look at the trees, and realize there is no judgement, no worries, no fear....they are just being in the moment. Just experiencing. Possibly just experiencing a change in the weather.I recently shared all of this with a friend of mine.

    But I feel the need to also share with you. Now I have reached a place in my life where I know without a doubt, there are no accidents. This is a message that the Universe pointed out to me one day last week... just on a whim, another moment in time and I understood. That everything I had been through in the past couple of weeks, that my thoughts were in the right place and the Universe was saying persevere. "Imagine if you told a family living in abject poverty that there was a treasure of gold under the dirt floor of their shanty. They would only need to remove the layers of dirt hiding it and they would be rich forever. In the same way, we are not aware of the treasure of our spiritual nature, hidden by our own ignorance and delusion."

    - First Teaching of Buddha

    Life is so Amazing and even more so when we learn to recognize the signs of the Universe wrapping its arms around Us. Life is Beautiful. May you enjoy the songs of the Whales and Fly High. Reach for the Stars, and Beyond. :)

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    WOW SimplyRaw~

    Beautifully said, courageous,and vulnerable. Sometimes it is difficult to realize one is not alone... know that well. :)

    Yes, the energy at any event like that is remarkable. I experienced that when I went to the first conferences with the company that I work with in my homebiz. At the first conference my system short circuited from the amount of vibrant energy... looking back it was the strangest thang. Never experienced that in corporate life... quite the opposite actually (energy-wise).

    I wonder if you caught Dyer's "Excuses Begone" on PBS... something during a pledge drive. I tried to watch it a few time but would fall asleep... never saw the whole thing from start to finish, just segments. lol Bummer, I must have missed the segment that had "Amazing Grace." It would have been neat to see how they presented it. Next pledge drive... :)

    I so wish I had a translator or a book I could look up the meanings of the messages I've been getting from the Universe... I think my messenger is speaking a different language or something. What usually comes to my mind is that I recognize that I'm getting a message, now what? 80) I was watching on ted.com Elizabeth Gilbert, the gal that wrote "Eat. Pray. Love" talk about nurturing creativity (http://www.ted.com/talks/elizabeth_gilbert_on_genius.html). She was talking about how creativity is a joint project of one and one's source (whatever one wants to call that). She related a story of a time when she was writing her EPL book and she was stuck. She looked up and said something like, "Hey. I'm writer. I showed up and am doing my job. Now, it's your turn to do your job..." :) It loses something when I rely the story. Go check it out. You might find something useful there.

    Peace, clarity, and connection to you.

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