i'm 33 yrs old mother of 2 kids. I try to improve my diet so i've been introducing more veggies and fruits in my diet. My goal is high raw which I think is easy now in summer time. I'm still SAD eater or maybe better I eat low carb way (atkins). I've been interested raw and living foods for more than a year I've been reading blogs, books (boutenkos, ann wigmore) and in finnish and this forum..., i've been drinking green smoothies almost a year, done sprouting, seed cheese, I tried a only raw for short but I felt so hungry, that wasn't easy, because I need fat. So why i'm in this forum? I do low carbs because on to keep blood sugar stable ( i'm not diabetic but my waist line tells that some day I will...),

But I don't eat so much meat or dairy, need to find more information about optional protein sources (others than soy) and get to find other low glycemic fruit options (others than tomatoes, cucumbers).

I eat some wild eadibles like e.g. dandelion, some tree leaves, fennel in my salads /smoothies (and other I don't know in english now, almost all edibles that sergei boutenko introducted ib his and vlyas cooking book),

Now i'm interested in superfood in which some are new to me so this information is good too.

I did low carb two years ago and lost 10 kg (20 lbs??)(and most from the waist line ) in three months and ate low carb way half a year. But then I started to eat bread again, so now I'm bach where I started 2 yrs ago. But I want to do this with calm, small changes and I think than from year now on I hope I have done the food changes well.

I live in the scandinavia so mostly cold climate.

And this forum has helped me a much already!!! I like your recipe section! I once did dehydrated mushrooms,with oil and garlic and my husband said what a awful smell what is this, but the mushrooms were so good tasting, yummies so I did later again.....

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