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Hi! I was outside gardening on Saturday and towards the end of the afternoon, i became very affected by the allergens flying around. By Sunday, i had a sinus infection. Yesterday, my ears started hurting and today they won't stop burning and hurting. It hurts to talk and to swallow. I've been doing the Neti-pot eversince Saturday... the sinuses are getting cleaned out 2x a day, but my ears are getting worse. I'm actually contemplating going to the dr. (i dont normally do this nor do i take antibiotics). I read a thread on here suggesting lemon juice, garlic juice or olive oil for the ears. Does this actually help? I really don't know if I can take another night of not being able to sleep! If someone can suggest something ASAP, i'd really appreciate it! Thanks!!!


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    Carrie -- Sorry to hear you have not been well. I missed your post, or would have bumped it to the home page much sooner. I hope you have found some relief and are feeling better. Did you find a remedy without resorting to traditional medication?

  • yes..lemon juice, garlic juice and olive oil work well on the ears..why would you think they wouldnt.. that it has gotten out of hand a wonder worker for the ears...i know..hope you can find some..

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