belly fat problem?and planning on going semi raw

so,i have a bit of belly flab and ive been looking into going semi raw for a while now.i would allow myself to eat one non-raw meal a day,im not talking about pizza or fast food either,im talking about maybe a sandwich with turkey,tomato,lettuce and mustard.not that bad,right?.have any of you have a bit of belly flab before going raw?and have gotten rid of it?i just signed up for the gym too so ill be going at least 4 times a any of you think this will help me lose the belly flab?


  • I've been about 90% raw for 8-10 weeks and was really apple shaped before. I look pregnant. I've lost about a stone in weight since then and my proprtions have changed..I actually have a waist again. I think it will help (although you don't look podgy in your pic)

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    cassie, i've been raw since january and i still have belly fat. it's from my fat intake though. for the past week, i've done 80 10 10, and already, my belly has shrunk. i'm not sure how, but it definitely doesn't stick out the way it used to.

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    Eating a healthy low fat, high fruit raw diet will certainly result in fat loss. Generally, the fist few weeks/months (depending upon how much excess weight you have to release) will be very generous in terms of weight loss (most of it water weight). Things will slow down and you will probably plateau a some points.

    I just suggest that you not try and push the weight loss. Don't udereat just so that you can lose the weight a little bit faster. It's more important to eat as much raw fruit as you want and be comfortable eating raw.

    Good luck,


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