A good approach to getting back on the wagon?

I fell off the wagon a couple months ago and it's been very difficult to get back on!! I am positive that this is the lifestyle for me, but I'm needing some direction. One of my main concerns is losing the weight I gained back from horrible SAD eating. Since I lost a good amount of weight through the Master Cleanse, I thought a good approach would be to do the cleanse, lose weight, and immediately get back to raw eating. I know many people suggest the slow approach to raw foods--but I have little faith in myself; and I'm tired of waiting. Is a master cleanse, and then raw food a good idea for me?


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    I would recommend just a day of fasting rather than the master cleanse. After 24 hours of no food, you will be truly hunger and will desire simpler, raw foods.

    Good luck,

    Swayze :)

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