"true" raw almonds? & milk

SO, I picked up some "raw" almonds at TJs - but now I'm hearing that they really aren't raw at all - that they go through a pasteurization? Ok - so, now I'm trying to find a good source for "real" raw almonds and it's a bit daunting - too many choices out there, (everyone has a raw blog AND store now) and I can't say I like the idea of buying online and having food shipped - I'd rather buy locally. I plan to ask around town tomorrow and see what I find...

But I made some milk, after soaking the almonds overnight, and decided to make a shake out of it. I didn't have a nut bag and decided to leave the solids in. I figured "why not?" as I couldn't find any advice telling me to leave them out. My questions are these: is it a bad idea to leave the almond solids in? If you use 2 cups of almonds for the milk, what amount of solids is considered healthy or detrimental? And how little or how many nuts should a person ideally consume in a day? One source said no more than a handful? Of course I found this out after I drank the shake...

I guess I don't need to mention that the shake TOTALLY filled me up...as in I don't want to eat ANYTHING until tomorrow... I'm sure I used up my quota for nuts for the day... live and learn!


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    I never filter my nutmylks. I like the solids. But, um- you drank 2 cups of nuts?? Wow.... lol. I use about 1/2 cup nuts (the kind varies) + 1 tsp of coconut "cream/butter/spread" (whole creamed mature coconut meat) to 24 ounces of water. Takes me two or three days to consume it.

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    Isn't it a bummer about California almonds! Here is a link to a source (shipped) of raw almonds. Anyone else have resources?




  • Thanks ladies for your replies... pixx: yeah - I'm a doof! I didn't drink ALL that almond shake by myself - not really sure how many ounces I made, but it was a "typical" blender size... I served/shared with 2 friends, but, YEAH. Just a weee bit full after that one...

  • so, WOW - the going rate for organic unpasteurized almonds (albeit imported ones from Spain) is $11/lb? yikes. After the $400 blender and the $400 juicer and the $200 dehydrator and the $90 magic fairy berry dust I'm not so sure about the almonds...

  • Sara you made me laugh I so understand the money envovled just for getting everything needed to go raw

    Its over welming and Expensive!! there has got to be a cheaper way. I have a good blender and at this time thats all I use!! or I just eat them natural without a dehydrator or processor etc. I just dont have that kind of money to just throw around!!

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