Softening texture of treats made with cacao butter?

I'm making some treats that require quite a bit of cacao butter and last time I made them, they just ended up tasting very waxy once they hardened (the cacao butter came in a hard disk like shape). Any tips on making them softer? What could I add to do this? Coconut oil? Almond butter? I'd love to hear your recommendations! This treat was okay, but not as satisfying as I would have hoped.


  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    While it certainly depends on the recipe, I would recommend substituting some of the cocoa butter with coconut butter--the kind made out of the flesh, not just the oil. However, coconut oil does have a lower melting point than cocoa butter, so if that's what you have, it may help. Substituting some almond butter also sounds like a good idea. Just letting the treat sit at warmer temperatures will allow the texture to soften and the flavors to bloom.

    Maybe if you share the recipe, folks here can give you some more specific suggestions . . .

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