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hi guys! i was wondering if you could help me with my melon dilemma...

ive heard a lot about how wonderful a blended melon smoothie is, but ive also heard that it should be eaten alone as it digests quicker than other things. what exactly does this mean? if i combine melon with other fruits will i get gassy? or will i be running off to find the nearest toilet? and even if i eat melon by itself (a lot of melon) will i defiantly be needing the bathroom straight after?

....have i just got the wrong end of the stick?



  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie
    edited October 2015

    Since melons have a really high concentrate of water, they are more easily digested and can work through in about 15-20 minutes. I know alot of people combine foods like melons with apples, oranges ect and dont have a problem however I personally find that I handle melons better on there own or I can mix melons. (honeydew, cantelope, watermelon ect). I dont think that you will have to run to the bathroom right after eating a melon - but it is possible that you would be making a trip semi quickly. hehe.


    Here is a thread on food combining. Hope I helped! : )


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    All fruit digests very quickly, within about 30 minutes, but melon seems to digest the fastest for most people. I prefer to eat melon alone as well.

    A good melon soup is melon blended with cucumber. You could add some mild herbs too, like mint or dill. Very tasty. :)


    I find that I can mix melon with berries and that doesn't seem to affect me. But I've tried to mix it with banana and that didn't sit too well. I got very bloated.

    I had melon for breakfast on the weekend (about 1.5 cantaloupes each day). And let me tell that it cleaned out my system pretty well (if you know what I mean). Not immediately after, but throughout the day.

  • okioki

    thanks for the link, recipe, and advice guys!

    i was under the impression that a melon smoothie was going to have an immediate

    laxative effect on me!

    ok so bring on the melons! they have been waiting in my kitchen for 3 days. i think im going to try the

    soup tomorrow. :-)


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Enjoy your delicious fruit! :)

  • ras-saadonras-saadon Raw Newbie

    Yea I agree on the high % of water, think same goes for watermelon, they are basically water with some taste :P.

  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    I plan to do a detox this weekend. Its hot so melons are on my mind. Any tips for a melon detox?

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie
    edited October 2015

    Here in the South it's common place to eat watermelon with salt. What a way to ruin some perfectly good melon. ;)

    Cantaloupe is my absolute favorite melon. There is a fruit stand right around the corner from my house with HUGE cantaloupe. They are so good!



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