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raw food in richmond, VA

i don’t know how many of you are in or around the richmond virginia area, but there is a new raw food restaurant in town called alive and raw, i just spoke to the owner today. corner of 2nd and leigh st. its called “alive and raw”. i’m checking it out this weekend and i can’t wait!


  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    I’d love to hear about it. I live in NVA (Northern Virginia)... I would certainly drive down there to try a raw food restaurant. Do they have a website?

  • shannonmarieshannonmarie Raw Newbie

    I don’t live in Virginia, but I am in Maryland. I would be willing to make the trek to Richmond for a raw restaurant experience. Let us know what it’s like. Thanks :-)

  • Oh Yeah!!! I’m in Richmond right now on business. I’ll try it out

  • so i’ve been to the place twice now, and love it more each time. it is small, only about 3 or 4 tables. the place is just got such a good vibe, each time i’ve been i end up in long engaging conversations with whomever is there. the menu is rotating, usually two options for an entree. the dessert is always outstanding, tonight i had banana cream pie. fresh fruit smoothies. she does amazing dishes that are 100% raw mock meat. tonight barbeque ribs was an entree. i’m destined to be a regular. anyone who wants to come down to richmond, i’ll meet you there :)

  • Hi stylistchick! I am in Newport News, but my sisters-in-law both live up there, so we come to Richmond sometimes! I am so happy to hear about this restaurant! I will definitely be coming up! One question: What is the price range? Is it reasonable?

  • newbienewbie Raw Newbie

    stylistchick, I actually met someone who introduced me to the Richmond Raw Food Meetup. They have a monthly potluck, food prep classes, and the like. Their site is: rawfood.meetup.com/231/

    Looks like a good resource

  • Hey stylistchick! What day/times is the restaurant open???

  • expect HUGE portions for the entree’s. most around $10. she’s a master with spices. flavors will remind you of good old fashioned southern cooking. no frills, cozy atmosphere. she’s sharing the space with an ice cream parlor. for now she’s open on weekends only, friday thru sunday 2-9:30 or 10:00. she’s got a website www.aliveandraw.com

  • I’m excited to see this! My family lives right outside of Richmond and every time I go home to visit, well, let’s just say the places they choose to dine-out are tough on anyone trying to eat remotely close to raw. Thanks for this recommendation! I hope she’s well supported, so she can expand her hours. I’ll send my sister over there and her friends over there.

  • sadly, she is closed down now. but the website is still there, she does catering and even food delivery/shipping. i guess richmond wasn’t ready. :(

  • That is such a bummer! Maybe RIC is ready, but she wasn’t marketed enough for people to get over there and support her. Maybe I’ll look into some of her delivery stuff when I’m in town. It would be cool to sneak some truly healthy stuff in on my parents!

  • you might try blue fox cafe, they are in carytown, they are supposed to have a raw food menu starting soon, if they don’t already. you can bring your carnivore friends, and they will have options too. check their hours, because they are not open late.

  • I tried to email the Richmond concern, but could not, so I assume she is no longer catering-shipping?

  • i’m pretty sure lynda’s website www.aliveandraw.com is still up, and she is still catering, maybe shipping.

    since i last posted, blue fox cafe was bought by ellwood thompson’s natural market, and they plan to move their deli over there. they’ve hired a chef from the jefferson hotel who specializes in vegan food, but she also has alot of interest in raw food cuisine, so who knows? they are renovating the space now, so maybe we’ll have something to look forward to.

  • IsisDCIsisDC Raw Newbie

    How sad, I was thinking about going to Richmond on Saturday to cover something.

    Richmond has always been a hard place for me to find healthy foods and decent coffee when I am down there.

    I am sure both those things are there, but if it’s not near the General Assembly I don’t know where to go and I sometimes don’t have time to hunt for it.

    Please keep us updated if there are any raw places popping up down there?



  • megkupmegkup Raw Newbie

    Hey! I live in Richmond,Virginia. If anyone wants to get together, hit me up!

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