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Hey Hey,

we're musicians, and we're raw :) We love it. Help us out, and get free music. One of our songs is in the 'sponsored songs' promotion and It will also be on our upcoming album in the fall. Download our chilled-out soulful song 'Moonglow' for Free.

For every download we get $.50. Our goal is 100 downloads. I know the raw foodists won't let us down!

Our Free Download 'Moonglow'


  • Hey I had an interesting experience today. CAUTION, it's kind of a gross post. My fiancee brought me a shot of wheatgrass to work. I felt fine when I went to work, although my eye was irritated, and I had a headache. After Drinking the wheatgrass shot, on some water, and a cup of coffee, about 20-30 minutes later, I had serious nausea. My boss luckily came in, He wasn't supposed to be in most of the day. I got sick twice in the bathroom. Both times, It was quite strange. The first time, I had what looked like "fleshy clumps" that was there with the wheatgrass. I had cantaloupe the night before, but It really didn't look like cantaloupe. The second time, what came out was like another clump but that was red blood vessel style. Has anybody had anything like this happen? I just read that wheatgrass can cause detox and/or have mold. I think that It expelled some toxins, but I don't really have any idea. WEIRD!

    oh, and P.S. Show some love! Download my song!

  • you know, I've had this same thing with wheatgrass....I've no idea why it does that but it happens to me often enough that it's annoying (i've not actually thrown up from it, but I've had to lie down a bunch of times for fear of throwing up). Ps you're really talented, I like the song very much:)

  • I had wheatgrass one other time before, and was fine. I can't decide if I want to do it more on my days off, to help with the detox, or if that's a bad idea. Oh the joys of detox. I did get to go home early, and took a nap. Felt much better. So glad you like the song. It's pretty awesome, they are giving us $0.50 per download, up to 100 downloads. And it's the first song we've finished that will be going on our album, so it worked out perfectly for promotion. Thank you so much again for taking the time to listen.

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