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~A Day Of Firsts~

edited October 2015 in New to Raw

(Big Huge Smile!)

I have just eaten my first Durian, and WOW!!!! uts really like nothing ive ever eaten before, such a strange new texture and taste. sweet, pudding-y, nutty, maybe even with a burnt fragrance? i finally tracked one down! and it was so worth the 20km bike ride. the woman at the market asked me three times if i was really going to eat this, and i have to say between her and the smell of the fruit i was almost going to leave it there! im so glad i didnt! :-) while i was at the market i also picked up two beautiful young coconuts, mmmmm how delicious! i had never tried them before... so im now full of first fruits and happy happy happy! hope i can resist finishing off the little bits i save for my boyfriend to try!

just wanted to share!

Happy Days! O x


  • sv3sv3

    Thats great oki! I haven't tried either but would definitely love to.

    There's nothing better than discovering something new and tasty - I remember my first sharon fruit - sooooo good!

  • okioki

    oooo sharon fruit! when ripe possibly the sweetest fruit ever!!! i love them!

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie
    edited October 2015

    you lucky duck! i really want to try durian but I cant find it anywhere around here. ive never even heard of sharon fruit what is that?



  • a sharon fruit is very similar to a persimmon. Sooo good when fully ripe!!

  • I haven't tried anything mentioned on this page, including the persimmon.

    New summer goals!

  • oki: I think it's great that you finally got to taste the heaven that is Durian. I like to think of it as the "chocolate cake" for raw foodies . . . you can't get enough of it! :D

    I just tried my first Durian last month. It was on my list of things to try one day and I decided to check it off. My recommendation for anyone who is about to try their first Durian is to wait for a nice sunny day, grab a blanket or a towel, and find a nice spot of grass to sit down (that way you don't stink up your house and you can enjoy the sun. Take a knife, cut along the seem, open the Durian up, pull out the meat with your hands and eat it (no utensils!).

    This is how I had my first Durian and it was a lovely experience! :)

    By the way, never tried a sharon fruit because I've never been able to find one. A couple of other foods that I would like to try is a Starfruit, Guava, and Kamquats (sp?). Anybody ever had one of these? Are they any good? What do they taste like?

  • A star fruit also known as a carambola is quite tart and has the texture of an apple. Guava is very tropical tasting it is very thick pulp like a avocado not sure how else to explain it not my favorite but good in small amounts, kumquats are very citrus acidic the peel is the sweet part and the inside is very tart (I have a tree in my backyard.) YUM.

    I can't wait to try a durian I know I can get a fresh one in the Asian market but a little nervous about the smell and my in-laws tried one in Taiwan and got sick.


  • okioki
    edited October 2015

    Rawaholic greatt advice! durian outside! now why didnt i think of that! haha stinking up my house for two days was strain on the relationship with my flat mates! nancyk70- guava sounds amazing, as you can tell im on an exotic fruit trip at the moment so maybe it will be my next treat!

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie
    edited October 2015

    Have you tried the peanut butter fruit? Apparently it has the taste AND texture of peanut butter!


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