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Because western medicine has no answers for me...

Good morning all! I am new here and on a specific journey (mostly typed up in my profile so I'll not repeat much) to have a family. I have been "diagnosed" with having recurrent miscarriages and according to western medicine, there is nothing wrong with either my husband or myself. We have fallen under the "unexplainable." So, we are turning to diet along with acupuncture and tai chi.

I have been drawn to RAW for a while, reading mostly on-line info, and trying to get a better idea of the lifestyle. Tonight, I am having a major overhaul of the food stuffs in the kitchen to get ready. This is what I am thinking at the moment for what I have gathered here.......GREEN SMOOTHIES!!! these appear to be a form of liquid magic and I am excited. I think I will choose watermelon to eat (before/after) the smoothies and have that me my daily meal. At night I will be eating some cooked because I need to transition slowly....that's just how I feel. I am thinking either beans or rice with steamed veggies and a salad. I may pick one dessert from the gads of recopies here for a sweet treat. I am going to try this for a week and see where I am at that point. Any suggestions/modifications would be welcomed and appreciated.

I have seen where RAW has helped cure diabetes so I am wondering what other ailments people have had that RAW has helped.....and especially anyone in my shoes, though I know how painful and almost embarrassing it is to talk about.

Hoping to "meet" some of the wonderful people on this site! Cheers!!


  • sv3sv3

    Hi bAlance, I have read good things about Maca so you may want to research this as it could help you and your husband.

    This site is great for information and support, I have found it really helpful in my raw food journey.

    I wish you all the best. :-)

  • Hi sv3!!

    Maca....that's a new one to me. I will check it out, thank you!!!

  • Coconut Oil and avoid soy in any form. Read Bruce Fife's Miracle of Coconut Oil. I was diagnosed with Addison's Disease and have severe hormonal imbalances, but am now off steroids (and all soy) and getting better every day. Coconut Water Kefir and Coconut Meat in smoothies too. Coconuts saved my life. Good luck!

  • Hi stellaJewels and thank you!! I haven't heard of that book yet, so I will def see if I can find it. I was reading an article at the acu office about coconut oil and brain function.... I will see what I can find; seems like it's potent stuff. I am glad you are noticing positive changes - way to go!!!

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    I don't have too much info to pass on at the moment without searching further but I also suggest looking into maca. I remember reading that it is really good for women trying to balance hormones and what not. I have no idea if that plays a role in having miscarriages but ya never know. It's worth researching. Another thing to look into is red raspberry. I've seen it in tea and in pill form. It is supposed to be fanastic for strengthening/supporting the female reproductive system. I would definitely give that one a try. You should be able to find it at any local supplement store. Well good luck to you, this is all the info I can give at the moment off the top of my head :) Stay positive!

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    You may want to have a naturopath do some blood work on you. There may be an underlaying culprit, such as allergies/intolorences or even something like high levels of mercury in your system. You may also have deficiencies as well. The tests usually run about 70-100 dollars but could be well worth your money.

    I also agree with the maca suggestion. it really gives you a kick.

  • kellyannekellyanne Raw Newbie

    hi balance! i really recommend taking a look at rawfoodexplained.com

    it's a great website that will answer any questions you might have. it's written by natural hygienists and i would really recommend looking into natural hygiene instead of any type of eastern or western medicine :)

  • Hi, Balance! I am new, also. Just registered. I am going to try going "raw" for health reasons, too. I have Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome. It's an autoimmune condition which causes excessive blood clotting and fatigue, among other things. I was diagnosed after a couple of runaway episodes of clotting in my legs. The reason I bring this up is - have your doctors tested you for this? Recurrent miscarriages are one of the symptoms. In some women, this is the only symptom. If you have that antibody, then a daily injection of low-molecular weight heparin will usually enable a full-term pregnancy. Go to www.apsfa.org for information. (Just a suggestion - don't want to step on your doctor's toes!)

  • I also agree with the maca. I've heard great things about miscarriages and maca.

  • Wow! thank you all for your comments/suggestions!!! YEA! I have been looking up maca and will continue to do so. Have read some great things about it.

    I will certainly check out the website kellyanne - thank you!!

    valyba - I have not been clued into that disorder....I will ask when I do to get copies of my most recent blood-tests. Any possibility is worth looking into!! Thank you - I will check this out!!!

    I have been looking for natural hygienists in my area and hoping to connect with one. I am actually saving to take a class with a very well known hearbalist in my state hoping that will help too....sometimes I think we've come too far from what we inherently know. Does anyone know what to expect from a natropathic consult?

    So today I started my smoothies - 5oz of greens with strawberries and mangoes and a tbs of coconut oil. e

    Excited and ready to see where this all takes me - hopefully to motherhood!!

  • If you lived in the Portland, Or area, I could refer you to a great naturopathic doctor! He has been my primary care provider for over three years now. If you have a good one, you will find that they are more caring and will try to get to the root of a problem, rather than just treat symptoms. My doctor is very open-minded and willing to try alternative treatments. Western medicine says that I have to take warfarin for the rest of my life and live with the fatigue, the joint pain, and all of the damage done to my legs from the clotting. I won't go into details here, but after just a couple of months of treatment from the naturopath, the improvement in my leg has been fantastic! It's no longer swollen, the color's better, and I can walk without pain. My C-reactive protein is high, so we are now working on just calming down my immune system. We are trying a drug that has proved successful to Lupus and RA patients, in the hopes that it will help me. (Nauropathic doctors are licensed to prescribe medications like Western doctors, and will do so when needed. Some people believe all they use is herbals, but it's not true. Their treatment usually involves a combination.)

    I usually eat low-carb. Not Atkins induction, just mainly meat, dairy, and vegetables. My doctor wants me to cut back on some of the meat and dairy, and start incorporating fruit. I just ordered Natalia Rose's "The Raw Food Detox Diet", hoping that it will help me to do this. I don't plan to become 100% raw, but would like to make it the majority of my diet. I came to this website looking for tips and recipes.

    Well, good luck in your search for answers!

  • bAlance-

    I would also recommend checking into a naturopath and having your hormone levels MONITORED, not checked. "Traditional" western medical docs usually only check your blood work once, but hormone levels fluctuate. The blood work reading is only a reflection of that moment in time, not the overall ups and downs and almost always are in the "normal" range.

    Another thing- a good friend of mine has had the same problems and when she went to a naturopath found that not long after she got pregnant, her progesterone levels plummeted, causing a miscarriage. Traditional docs told her nothing was wrong too, wanted to do expensive treatments for IVF etc...once she found for some reasons her levels dropped, she takes progesterone shots to maintain her pregnancies. She is pregnant now with her 3rd after numerous miscarriages as well.

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