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OK, so I fell off the wagon HARD the last month (stress of school, grad classes and think my thryoid/adrenals off again because all sorts of cravings I only get when it is). Anyways school is finally out and I REALLY need to get back on track. I don't yet have the focus to do meals so I'm thinking of doing juices/smoothies and soups the next few days to help get back on track. I am heading off to the farmers market today so I have access to plenty of fresh local greens, and I'm lucky can still get some strawberries before the season is over(next week I think). I'm also thinking of watermelon and eating/drinking that for most of today. Maybe even a watermelon and mint smoothie since I know vendor I can get fresh applemint from(which I had in my hand yesterday on the farm but left without it, bummer)

For anyone that fell off then got back on track what were some of the things that made it easiest for you?

I am not really a dessert person, don't(can't) do nuts anymore, and want to focus mainly on getting in more green smoothies (but on the savory side).

I have noticed one thing I"ve been craving lately is salty foods so hopefull adding in celery to first few juices will help get a natural source and even me out.

My overall goal is to get back to where I was in past at about 80% raw(about 70% vegan since I will sometimes treat myself to fresh dairy and use honey).



  • I'm having that problem right now, too. But I'm craving a lot of sweets. I'm trying to get back to doing more smoothies right now. I do a sweet one for breakfast and savory ones in the afternoon. I like using chard in the savory ones. I also add a tomato and 1/2 a large cucumber.

  • Hey Blueyz,

    I would say lean hard on the greens and maybe try cantaloupe or other lower sugar fruit for variety. The watermelon is really high on the glycemic index so it may send you into a tailspin. I have Hashimoto's(thyroid disease) and watermelon DOES ME IN! If salt is your thing right now celery is definitely a must so that's was a good choice.

    As for the honey, that too is really high on the glycemic index. Try agave instead it's glycemic load is only 3 vs. honey's which is 28!

    Hope that helps


  • blueyzblueyz Raw Newbie

    Thanks Nicole,

    I also have thryoid issues(never given an exact name for it but it basically burned out when I was 2 years old) so interesting on the watermelon. I can't often eat much at a time, wonder if that is my own bodies way of dealing.

    I do have honey, and used up the rest of my agave(not really a fan), and local maple syrup but I find I use FAR less than I ever used to to sweeten things. In the summer I might use a spoonful for my tea(like the whole pot not just by cup) but that is really about it. I"m not one for dessert type stuff which is where I found I used too much in past. That I don't have an issue with, the cravings for cooked carbs is what did me in and put on 5 lbs in one month that I need to get back away from(and makes me thing again I do really have GI issues with grains). I"m pretty sure that went back to adrenal fatigue, but my stomach is so bloated it may take a few days to go away.

    I did pick up some pretty tasty greens today at the farmers market so starting tomorrow back on liquid diet. I'm even going to try my own version of a Bloody Mary with tomato, pepper, cucumbery, celery and some spicy mustard greens. I was also able to pick up some bunches of dandelion greens for a salad and cleaned off the juicer so I can start of the day with a big glass or ginger lemonade. Today was a lot of water and rest for me!

  • Enjoy your Bloody Mary and greens Blueyz! I notice lately I have my good(not bloated) days and my bad(bloated) ones. I have yet to figure out what sparks them. I am 100% Raw and have been for over 3 months. Stick with it and know you'll have your good and bad days but all in all you'll feel a ton better than when you eat SAD.



  • I've been falling off the wagon for a little bit now. What helps me is when I always have a salad dressing on hand. I often get lazy and don't want to deal with having to prepare everything. I always try to have this one in particular cause it stays good for weeks in the fridge and tastes great:

    1 TBS umeboshi plum paste

    1/4 c brown rice vinegar

    2 TBS nama shoyu

    1/4 c olive oil

    1/4 c filtered water

    Blend all ingredients for ~10 second.

    For breakfast, I always store some granola in the fridge so I'll have some of that with some almond milk. To be quick, I'll use 2TBS of almond butter and 1c water....and some agave and vanilla. ;)

  • Okay Katelynn, now you're just making me hungry;) Thanks for the dressing recipe, it looks yummy!



  • Yeah I've been falling off track lately due to stress. I'm thinking of doing an MC in a week or two to get me back on track...I did one last September and I felt incredible afterward. I was in incredible shape and it opened up windows to healthier choices (I became vegan after that). So maybe this MC will give me my final push to be RAW.

    Anyway just so you know, you're not the only one having a hard time here. Good luck :)

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