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Birth Control



  • Yea, the options suck. Which is why I really don't have a lot of sympathy for any man that whined about a condom not feeling good. Doesn't feel good for me either. I feel like I am doing it with a BALLOON sometimes with a condom. That squeaking sound if you rub a balloon. I have more reason to whine than men do. I deal with periods and birth control and UTIs!

    I agree that the self monitoring system seems like asking for trouble. What would be really easy is if we could only get pregnant while ON our periods, like being in heat. It would be so clear and easy and I could just abstain for that one week. Yea, that's it...

  • Bluedolfin--I am in no way arguing over what you've stated; I believe there is a major issue with women feeling the need to please men instead of looking out for themselves. In no way was I trying to give off that impression; but I'm grateful you corrected me and that it's clear to future readers of this post.

  • Hi Lilburger,

    I think Implanon's great. It isn't natural, but it's stress free. It's a tiny implant that gets put in your arm and lasts for three years. It's about the size of a match stick. It's the most reliable form of contraception you can get. It also uses far lower levels of hormones that you would find in the pill, and it's more reliable (you can't forget to take it).

    If you saw how tiny it is, and the fact that it lasts three years, you are really not taking in very much artificial hormone at all. The way I see it, the extra stress you inccur using natural methods will probably do you more harm than using this artificial method.

    Just Google 'Implanon' for more info on it. Hope this helps!


  • PrimrosePrimrose Raw Newbie

    In response to the copper IUD questions-I am thrilled with mine. I am 31 and have never had children. The fact that I have never had children was not a problem. According to my doctor, most people request the IUD that has hormones, so if someone is truly serious about getting a copper one with no hormones (as I was), make sure you specify your preference to your doctor. I have not had any side effects at all. No weight gain, no extra cramping, nothing. When they first put it in, I did have some serious cramping and nausea from the dialation of the uterus. My friends who have kids laughed at me and called me a light-weight which is probably true. I know that some people do have cramping or more difficult periods with the IUD. I've not have had any problems. I can have the IUD removed whenever I want. I can keep it in for at least 10 years if I want. I hope that helps everyone. It was pretty expensive for me, but my committed partner and I decided that it was a financial priority for us. Hope that helps anyone thinking about this. Good thread!

  • I just bought the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" per this thread's recommendation and I am loving it so far. Granted, I'm only on chapter two, but it's exactly the information I've been searching for since I started on my raw journey 9 months ago. Even if you feel it's too risky to chart your cycle as a means of birth control, there is a lot of really good information in this book. Do check it out. Thanks Misty for the rec.

  • condoms.

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