A Process Driven Life: Surviving OFF OFF grid

Here is an interesting perspective on life...

"Agrarianism is God's survival alternative... disconnecting from the current system is necessary for our spiritual safety, our physical well-being, and for our eternal good." - Michael Bunker who is writing A Process Driven Life.... here:



  • Very interesting reading. I don't have time to read it all right now, but have bookmarked it for reading later, perhaps over the weekend.

  • Yeah, I haven't read it all ...it is rather lengthy, but my hubby is reading it ...and he gives me the summary ...I'm fascinated! But, I only read tidbits.

    Chapter 2 is interesting too... but he encourages to read from beginning to understand his word definitions; he may say one thing, but you may be thinking of something else. michaelbunker.com/journal.html

  • Hmmm, how to sum it up? Maybe one could say it's about why the Roman eonomic system is not God's plan for our life.

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    I got to skim it a little bit and it sounds very interesting - i shall bookmark it and finish it after a quick snack :)


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