If I blended 15 unpitted cherries into a smoothie, would I get sick?

I know that cherry pits and apple seeds are somewhat poisonous. With apple seeds, you'll have to eat a whole big load of them. I am unsure how many cherry pits are safe.

Too late to leave the pits out. Just had a smoothie with 15 unpitted cherries in it. I sent the smoothie through a wire screen to make sure there were no tiny chunks in my drink, but this blender is a vitamix, so a good deal of the pits were small enough to go through the screen. I drank my smoothie.

I won't be going to a doctor unless I get sick, and then it will be the ER. But I will not go unless I get sick. Also, I have called the poison control center on another occasion about another matter. They are not worth a crap. All they ever seem to tell people is "go to the ER". If you tell them you swallowed your bubble gum, it's "go to the ER". Calling a doctor's office in these parts would be pretty worthless too.

Googling hasn't unearthed anything conclusive, as yet.

Does anyone have any experience with eating this many cherry pits in one sitting?


  • Forgot to add, they are not organic cherries.

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