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camping and smoothies

Hello there I am getting packed for a little camping trip with the family and wanted to maybe bring a drink. I wanted to put it in one of my mason jars but wasn't sure how to go about it. Do I just need to fill to the top so there is no air? If anyone out there knows the proper way, I would appreciate it!


  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    I do this quite a bit, but they really only keep good for about a day. I usually pack two, keeping them in a cooler. The one on the second day tastes a little off, but I always finish them off and have no problems. It could also be that the ice melts off and isn't keeping things as cool. If you keep ice on it you may be just fine. Either way, I think you will be ok. I just fill mine to the lip and leave a small bit of air at top around where the lid screws on.

    I also have recently been experimenting with making fruit rollups in the dehydrator from smoothie mixture. It was an epic fail though. The hemp seed protein tasted horrible in that form, but I am going to try it again with just fruit and see how that goes.

  • Thanks for your advice and now I am off to make a couple of drinks and do a little rafting....

  • Are you truly "ruffing it"? Because we tent camp on electric and water sites. It that's what you do, I have 2 words for you.... Magic Bullet!! I love mine. So small and compact. Plus it's easy to clean with a hose on the campsite! Have fun.

  • no we never camp in campgrounds. We go were we don't need to pay or see anyone really. Although it's not rough. If we ever wind up at a campsite with all the hookups I will be sure to bring my bullet, for I love that little magic blender! Thanks for the advice.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Hannah, if you vacuum seal your mason jars, there will be no air. If vacuum sealing is new to you, do a search here on GoneRaw. There are several threads in the last year or so that discuss the technique.

  • Love roughing it!! I so enjoy camping and getting away from it all!! I would agree with the vacuum seal its pretty easy and it will keep for longer spurts! with camping all you can do is keep it on ice but there is this new cooler that is like a little refrigerator that is for just these occation I believe wal-mart carrys them you may want to check it out!! to keep food longer! I use to camp all the time when growing up in Wyoming and Montana

  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    hannah4 If you vacuum seal the jars be sure NOT to over fill... Leave at least an inch below the lowest screwband ridge... Seal them and then I would freeze the extra jars so there is no chance of loosing all that wonderful nutrition... Set the one you want for breakfast out before retiring and it will be ready in the morning... Do defrost in a cooler, if possible...

    Hope your trip is wonderful... smile

  • I thought freezing killed the enzymes???

    I take a Coleman Extreme 5 day cooler, freeze a gallon jug of water about 3/4 full, and use that as an ice block. Then put the cooler on small runners of 2x4s to get it off the ground to minimize cold xfer to the ground. Then drape the cooler in a space blanket or radiant barrier insulation to minimize heat transfer. The block lasts for about 3 days, depending on the ambiant temp. Then I have to supplement with bags of ice but there is room in the cooler since some of the contents has been consumed and the ice block is removed.

    I've made smoothies for up to 4 days on several occasions for camping this summer with no problems. They were stored in full quart Mason jars. I try to make sure I put some lemon or lime in the ones for later days to help as a natural preservative. Adding a squeeze of citrus to freshen them up before comsumption is good. They probably lost some of their nutritional value as would any other food, but still better than the canned food I used to eat while camping, you know?

    Have fun and enjoy the world!

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    I did just a bit of research regarding freezing and enzymes. The general consensus seems to be:

    1. Freezing looses some enzymes (maybe 20-30%).

    2. Frozen is still much more nutritious than processed or cooked foods.

    3. To preserve the maximum enzymes and nutrients, freeze as soon after harvest as possible, and thaw gently.

  • MickeSantyMickeSanty Raw Newbie
    edited July 2022

    Yes, you should fill the bottle to the top and close it with a lid so that there is no air and the bottle is evacuated. This is the best way, otherwise your bottle will leak and you will spill all the water into the bag where you carried this bottle. Any container must be closed so that there is no air left in it and that the lid closes tightly. I had a situation where my sandwichmaker that I ordered opened during a hike and a sandwich fell out. It was a little strange to see this, because it always closes tightly. It turns out that I did not remove the air inside and because of this it was depressurized and opened. The sandwiches were ruined, as my mood back then :(

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