Heavy blending (wood)... Vitamix or Blendtec?


I'm really interested in the green smoothie movement, and looking to get started myself soon!

However, I'm also into elixirs and am looking at starting to work with Clavo huasca (a rainforest medicinal vine). I'd be looking to purchase the vine in whole sections and shred it myself right before use to hopefully preserve as many active ingredients as long as possible.

For pictures:



In other forums I have heard people saying they can use their Vitamix for coffee grinding or similar.

What I'm wondering is has anyone here had experience with shredding medicinal vines, bark or wood with their blender... and if so how did it go and overall would you recommend a Vitamix or Blendtec for this?

Additionally, being Bisphenol A (BPA) free is essential to me, I know the Vitamix 5200 is for sure, and then Blendtec put a news release out that they changed theirs to be BPA free too... but I guess it's a toss up if you get old stock = BPA or new = BPA free?

Finally, The extra HP of the Blendtec sounds good but not good enough to leach BPA. Vitamix also has a 3 HP (Prep-3 is the model name) but it co$t$ a fortune! And no guarantee that that one is actually BPA free anyway. Or would the 5200 carafe maybe fit that one?

OK this is getting long, but anyone have any ideas/experience with this? Anyone who has used both and has a strong preference? All responses gratefully received! :)




  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    honestly you need to use both and decide for yourself. The blendtech is shorter and you can program speed cycles so you can hit one button and it will cycle through and make your smoothie, whereas youve got to do it manually with the vitamix. the vitamix has the tamper (which is so so useful when you make a blender full of tough stuff) Ive found that with the blendtech if its a full blender it can heat up before all the ingredients get mixed in. The vitamix doesnt have this problem b/c you can use the tamper to shove stuff down while blending. The vitamix is tall though, so i know that short people may have problems reaching in, taking the lid off etc. Ive used both- i prefer the vitamix. my bf, loves the blendtech. its a family feud. :)

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