Are humans suppose to drink water?

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Something I noticed and thought would make a nice discussion here, recently I've been eating somewhat a 80/10/10 diet as opposed to my older high fat diet, and I've noticed that will all the fruits I eat I don't need to drink, at all, I haven't drank a bit of water for over a week now and I constantly need to pee and my urine is also ALWAYS very clear, not yellow at all, also I was thinking about how we don't really have any natural way of drinking water, our tongues aren't suitable for licking water, and even though we make bowl shape with our hands its far from being a efficient\convenient way of drinking, so what you think? :).


  • Personally, I would agree with your observations on being somewhat 80/10/10- I'm having about the same experience. I can actually get away with not having a glass of water when I'm eating fruit or most salads. Anything at all dry- and I get the hicups if I'm not following it with water.

    After I exercise, I need water whatever my diet is. (I sweat a lot!) But, I do think it's natural to drink more water if your eating more dry stuff. By natural, I just mean that it's our bodies telling us we need it. I've always heard that going by your urine color is a pretty good indication on whether you are getting enough water. I would say you are.

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    There are proponents of both views. Some say you should get most of your fluids from vegetables / fruits since all water sources today are so polluted. Others say you shouldn't rely on plants only but need to drink water, too.

  • I recently read an article on titled "25 Reasons To Drink Water Every Day". It was very enlightening. Water is the foundation of vibrant health and a good life. The question for me is: which water?

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