Feeling weird

wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

Im on day 37 of my juice feast and i woke up feeling really weird. I guess by weird i mean kind of all over tingles, and my muscles feel tired and weak. Im nauseous and have a bit of a headache. Its 72 degrees and sunny and im running my space heater, im that cold. I have a whole fridge full of juice but i don't want it.

Im familiar with detox symptoms and i havent ever felt like this before. Any advice?


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie
    edited October 2015

    Are you getting enough calories on a daily basis? I know that many juice feasters rely on low-calorie green juices and end up undereating on calories. Try adding fruit juices to the mix or, even better, whole fruits.

    Best of luck to you,



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