Looking for living space/ work/exchange

I am a Mother with the two youngest children (1 & 3) living with me full time. I would like a child friendly living/working situation that is in alignment with our lifestyle. I would like to have the freedom of having my children with me at times and would consider leaving them with like minded individuals as needed for limited times.

My passion is nature and living in harmony with the natural world. For many years I have studied, apprenticed, lived, shared and educated about various aspects of natural living, healing, whole health, herbal healing,natural pregnancy~birth~parenting...and more. This has been done through private consulting, public speaking and writing. I have been an entrepreneur (even though I am ready to create a 'new' economy) and have experience with small businesses. I am responsible and cooperative.

We have spent time in Canada, USA and Mexico. It is important that our living situation be an eco conscious environment. I am environmentally sensitive and would like a stress free, drug free,relaxed, child friendly situation. Ideally a living situation where we have our own contained space would be best for our lifestyle...and if it is eternal spring climate..lots of wild/organic foods, fresh water even better!

We are looking for something from August 1 or beyond. I am open to talking with anyone that has any possible living/working/exchange situations. Please contact me at pathtonature@gmail.com Thank you ...



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