Raw Transitioning

Greetings Everyone! My name is Tomi and I am very new to raw foods. I started at 50% raw on July 3rd. Immediately began to feel better. By July 9th I went 99% raw. I did this because I realized that I was sick of being sick – feeling lousy all the time and being overweight and having a heart arrythmia (irregular heartbeat). I could see the way my life was going and felt myself at a crossroad between life and non-living (including potential disability).

To date I have lost 11 pounds (need to lose 50 more). More importantly I feel alive. I have energy. My head feels clear and I can think. I am more peaceful and joyful. I am at ease and having more fun in my life. My desire is to stay raw and keep improving. I feel that it took me a long time to get this sick, so it will take a while to get totally well. I am willing to go through the process – whatever it takes!


  • hi tomi :) good for you. it`s amazing the transformation/high/peace you get just from eating raw foods. isn`t it great?? concentrate on the health and well being and the weight will take care of itself. patty

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