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So I've been no meat, no dairy, no eggs for 2 weeks I believe, as of today. I've also given up fried foods and tried to avoid sugar and processed foods (as much as possible) while trying to transition to a more raw (not not high raw) diet. So far I've lost 12 lbs!!

I've been subsisting mostly on bananas, strawberries, nectarines, apples, tortillas, coffee + soy milk, stir fried vegetables, brown rice, salads with lots of cucumber and a lot a lot a lot of avocado/guacamole (almost daily). Per fitday.com, over the past 2 weeks I've been getting 59% of my calories from carbs, 9% from protein and 32% from fat. I've dropped that considerably in the past 2 days since I decided to focus in on it. I've been drinking the recommended amount of water (generally more) and taking vitamin supplements for overall nutrition as well as CLA and Sam-E for mood stabilization.

However I am pretty discouraged by the cost of my new foodstyle and the fact that I'm lacking a blender or food processor. Also my hours were cut severely at work which makes me worry about what kind of diet I can afford to eat in the coming months.

Anyhow, I have two things I wanted to discuss/get feedback on. The first is bodily/physical changes I've experienced.

For the past week I've been breaking out horribly, everywhere. I'm hoping this is just my body de-toxifying itself and not an unforseen side effect. I'm not sure if it's related to my diet or not but I'm inclined to think so. Also I've been feeling somewhat weak, especially the first few days, and had to stop exercising once because I became too woozy. However people have told me I look healthier since changing my diet. I've had a bit of macaroni salad with mayo on it (wasn't aware) and became immediately sick. My stomach/bowels have been acting up here or there and I've been having a lot more bowel than usual. Is this normal? Any suggestions?

Secondly I wanted to discuss food options:

I've been eating pretty much the basic fruits and veggies and haven't been doing anything extravagant. I'm scared to try mangoes, what do they taste like?

I was wondering if people had an suggestions of fruit or veggies that are out of the ordinary but yummy nevertheless because I need to switch it up and get some variety going. Also any interesting combinations people have come up with would be great too.

Whew that's a lot of information. Thanks in advance for your responses and thanks for the support and interesting comments I've been reading over the past 2 weeks. It's been great!!


  • I transitioned to 100% raw a week and a half ago and after having generally clear skin for years, broke out with a couple dry rashes on my face and some pimples. Going raw in the past just made me feel kind of weak, but this time I have boundless energy and the rashes. I'd rather deal with rashes I think. I need my strength for work! It will clear up after some time. Everyone is different in terms of the effects and duration of detoxification. I wish you luck and keep us updated!

    And mangoes are just 100% pure awesome. They are firm and sour when unripe, sweet and juicy when ripe. They are one of my favorite fruits.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Congratulations - you're making major changes!

    Do you have a farmers' market nearby? This is the ideal place to save money, eat locally, and get the best available foods. Check out localharvest.org.

    Keep in mind the exotic tropical fruits are more expensive than local and seasonal fruits. Stone fruits (peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots) are all amazing right now. We must have bought eight or ten different kinds of stone fruits on Sunday, they were all too good. Also if you cut down on the avocado, I bet your food bill will go down along with your fat content. You can make up the fat with things like walnuts if you need to.

    Bowel sounds normal and so does some of the detox symptoms. As for the woozy feeling when you are exerting yourself, it might be because you've so radically switched your caloric intake from heavy foods (meat, dairy) to light foods. Try not to overdo things - be gentle on yourself while your body adjusts to the new normal.

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    For the woozy feeling: make sure you are getting in enough calories for your body to handle the calories you are burning. The level of exercise, with the level of caloric intake, might be what's making you woozy, if it's not enough calories.

    I'm betting your fiber intake is greater than it was, so yes, that would explain more bowel movement.

    Mangos are *excellent*!! They have a taste all their own, but the closest thing I might suggest is peaches, only more sweet than those, when ripe. Mango and banana is a good combination.

    The "breaking out" could be the body's way of expelling all that oil - from the fried food of your past.

  • You are doing awesome. Keep at it and you will indeed be pleased. OMG when i read you were asking about mangoes, i almost cried(i'm emotional :) that you haven't experienced them yet. they are wonderful. very sweet. like a sweet peach almost. My fav you should try....and it's not 100% raw, but it's as great transitional meal... organic corn chips with mangoes, avocados and tomatoes...it is the most awesome thing ever... and spinach thyme soup.... it will get you hooked on raw.. that's what you need to find.. the recipes that have you hooked on raw. then it's too easy. you are going to b amazed at how much different your life will feel in a very short time...for me 3 months and i feel amazing...

    cheers. keep at it.

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