Fabulously Vague Study Concludes that Vegetarianism Leads to Low Bone Density

wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

More in the line of propaganda leading you to believe that you need to cram more steak down your gullet and wash it down with a big glass of milk or the osteoporosis fairy will get ya. I like how the ads on the side are for weight loss. brilliant!



  • Well if vegetarians do have lower bone density, it's probably because "Obesity actually is considered protective against bone-weakening osteoporosis." http://www.buffalonews.com/lifearts/health/story/704672.html

    Vegetarians and vegans tend to be a lot lighter, and the heavier you are, the thicker your bones grow to support your weight.


  • internettouristinternettourist Raw Newbie

    I think people who consume a lot of dairy have lower bone density. A lot of vegetarians consume extra dairy products.

    When I went mostly or a lot raw, my weight did not change but my size shrank. I'll assume I got denser, younger tissues perhaps denser bones.

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