Live Food Bar

YAY!!!! I am sooo excited to go to this restaurant that I have been DYING to try it out here in Toronto.

Check out this link .. its their web site .. the pictures are mouth watering and so it the menue!!

Also .. does anyone else live in the Toronto area? if so have you tried this place?


  • SO i went to “Live Food Bar” yesterday and let me tell u …. it was heavenly!

    my friend and i split an appy, it was 2 different types of cracker .. one more of a flax the other more of a … im not quite sure but quite tasty regardless lol .. they also gace us 2 spreads. one was exactly like un raw hummus but better! very garlicky and yummy, and the second spread was greenish in colour but more onion/chive(y) – once again – Yummy!

    For my meal i got a “pizza” slice, now im not too sure if anyone checked out the web site i posted … but the pizza looks exactly as the picture. is is made out of sprouted buckwheat, the paste is a curry paste (delish!) and on top was dehydrated red onion and red pepper (was very surprised as to how goooood dehydrated red pepper is when thinly sliced) topped off with diced mango, the flavour combination was incredible …

    Desert was a chocolate mint tart with a chocholate coconut crust .. YUMMM!!

    anyway .. it was a wounderful experience, wish the place was closer to my home as i would love to go more often. ahwell .. iguess i’ll just have to make my own versions at home lol

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    Oh man I’ve been there, that place is so cool! They change their menus very often so who knows what they had when I was there… I can’t wait to go there again, I might get to next december (I don’t live anywhere near Toronto, but it’s still the closest raw food restaurant to me, sadly) I’m jealous :c)

  • magdi I ate at Live yesterday also! I had the chili fries for an app and the pizza as well. Then for desert I had the blueberry tart which was easily one of the best deserts I’ve ever had, YUM is right. I’m kind of bummed too because I’m leaving Toronto in a few weeks so I’ll be leaving Live as well.

  • Morning_theft – Where in Ontario do u live?

    Elizabeth … at what time did u go yesterday?? i was there at 7:30 – 8ish till about 10 lol wasn’t the pizza tasty??

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    I don’t live in Ontario! I live in Manitoba! :c) Not a single raw-food restaurant to be found around me, heh, but to get out of here I have to go through Toronto (airport).

  • Yeah the pizza was great! I must have been on my way out right as you were coming in. My mission this week is to make a similar almond hummus from the pizza. Magdi where in Ontario are you living? This is the first month that I’ve eaten 90-100% raw, do you guys find it harder during the colder months to eat all raw foods? I’m just curious..

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    I’ve only been raw for little over a month as well… I’m terrified of what will happen in the winter! I can barely keep warm as is, considering I’m not originally from around here (I’m from the middle east… definitely not this cold) I think I’d have to stop focusing on fruit like I do now and eat a lot more fats and sprouts, and ginger and cayenne pepper help warm you up. I have no idea if it would help for real.

  • Elizabeth – I live in Mississauga :D so toronto is like a 20 minute drive from me! Where in Ontario do you live? As for staying raw during the colder months .. i wouldnt know about because i’m pretty much in the same boat as you are, i havent been raw long enough to know. i guess we’ll see lol, altho im sure it will be ok, my theory is .. if you are cold, put on a sweater or take a hot bath .. and i dont limit my self to green teas or camomile teas so if u need somethign warm .. there you go, or some hot water with lemon .. there are a few things that you could have hot!

  • just until tuesday I had been living in Toronto, but I had to move back to Boston! So I am kind of sad. Yeah I’m moving to Texas after this so I don’t think that it will get too cold there but I was wondering how it could affect a raw diet. My last meal in Toronto was from Live, I ate it in a UHaul :(

  • aawweee poor you!! but i guess you have to go where life takes you. im sure you will have no problem staying Raw in tex, it may just take some time to find the places where you can regularly shop. good luck!! ps: why are you moving so much if you dont mind me asking?

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