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I love raw food!

Hi! I’ve been lurking here for a couple of months, browsing the forums during my down-time at work. My job is kind of boring so it really helps get through the day, some days. You have also been very helpful and motivating in my raw food journey, so THANK YOU!

I feel like it’s time to speak up and start contributing a bit, so here I go with the basic background info. I’m 24, live in South Bend, Indiana, and just got married around a month ago. I’ve been mostly vegetarian for 4 years; after graduating from college my boyfriend (now husband!) and I taught English in Korea for a year, and I ate fish during that time because it was in everything anyways, and I did want to experience some authentic Korean food. I

I gained some weight while we were in Korea and felt really blah by the time we got back to the US. It got a little better, but I was still feeling pretty lethargic and heavy in March and wanted to do something to feel and look better for my wedding in June. I heard about juice fasting and got a book about that. I wasn’t quite ready for it, but in my reading and attempts at fasting I became really interested in raw food. It actually wasn’t that hard for me to go to a fairly high raw diet (I’d guess 70%). I lost a lot of weight and I feel awesome! I’m in a better mood all of the time, have more energy, and I really, really enjoy grocery shopping and “cooking†now – probably too much! And, I felt beautiful for my wedding.

I had a MUCH longer post because it is a slow day at work , but lucky for you I shortened it =). I want to start posting in “What You Ate Today†because I feel like I’ve been overeating out of boredom lately, and I think some accountability might help. I would also like to hear your thoughts on fertility issues, living with a non-raw (non-vegetarian) partner, social events, saving money…etc. So maybe you’ll be hearing more from me soon!

Nice to meet you,



  • Hello and welcome! I can't quite see your wedding pic, but I'm sure it's beautiful:)



  • hi sara!

    welcome! Im just down the road (well a couple turnpikes) in Cleveland. Don't hesistate to post up topics you want to talk about here- everyone is fantastic and helpful. Congrats on your recent wedding!

    Sara (its a good name to have)

  • Hi there!!!

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