Transitioning my toddler to raw/vegan... on the road.

A little background: I have been in and out of raw, vegetarian for 8 years. Since becoming pregnant & having my son almost two years ago, I've become pretty dependent on goat dairy products to "get my protein", as I can't digest soy products or many nuts. I often feel really tired, even though I eat well and am conscious of what I take into my body/energy field.

Recently, I turned a corner and realized that my body, spirit, mind were desperately wanting a vegan diet. With this transition came a lot more raw foods and inspiration... Now... How to stop feeding the toddler eggs and goat milk products?

My son's almost 2 and quite attached to the foods that he's become accustomed to. I've let him guide his eating, for the most part, offering a bit of anything I eat, with some simple food-combining guidelines. I need ideas of tantalizing vegan toddler foods... especially ones that could take the place of the protein-rich parts of his diet (I'm going to try coconut yogurt, and already do nut mylk). He doesn't like nut/seed butters (when they're undisguised/naked)... I bake them into vegan cookies-- that works, but there's only so many cookies you can feed a kid.

Also, I can't find any way to get greens into him-- besides chopping a tiny amount up and adding it to a scrambled egg. He eats around anything green, won't take more than a sip of smoothie (and we're talking organic, banana/blueberry/spinach yumminess!)... So any ideas there would be very helpful.

We are currently on the road, and will be traveling for the next few months (so no dehydrator-- but we do have a fridge/stove/food storage). Any miracle snack products you've come across?

Thanks everybody!


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I mix chlorella or other blue/green algaes in to raw cookie balls, etc. with a little carob powder to disguise the green color. I haven't met one of my daughter's friends who has turned them down yet! It gives proteins, and greens, and just about any raw cookie recipe will work.

    If I think of any more ideas, I will let you know! Good luck!

  • You mentioned that you felt tired from your diet, and switched to vegan. It sounds like your body is doing well with this? I cut out eggs this last year (have been vegetarian for almost 10 years), and seem to do better when I do not rely on dairy (or grains for that matter) as food staples. I still have some though.

    Now my daughter (9yrs old) seems to do very well with dairy. I know many here will disagree (that's fine, this IS a vegan raw site). But, I personally believe that some people seem to thrive well on foods that others do not. Hey, it's true even with fresh fruits and vegetables. Seems like many people have at least one fruit or vegetable they can't seem to tolerate.

    My point (however lost it may be by now) is that you may want to ask yourself how you child is doing on the dairy and eggs? Just because you don't do well with them doesn't mean he won't. Just a thought.

    As far as eggs- I enjoy scrambled tofu from time to time instead of eggs. (Not everyone is so keen on tofu either- but I indulge occassionally:-)

    It sounds like your toddler eats a pretty healthy diet already. That in it self is pretty amazing to me.

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    Children require a much higher fat diet than adults. Maybe your little one would like avocado?

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