'Golden Boy' David Wolfe

CaresCares Raw Newbie

Just wondered what other think of David Wolfe.

Is he just out to rip off those that are interested in their health...it seems to me like he is.

His recent offers have resulted in hundreds of complaints of undelivered goods and access to his

'member only site' being denied, whilst peoples credit cards are still being charged and/or 'over' charged

without refunding excess amount.

And...yep, if your wondering 'I got caught like so many others'.

That's when I came across this link posted by another disgruntled member who was also fleeced.

Then it all made sense...

Hoping to save others the same frustrations as I and many others have experienced.


  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Cares, you might want to double check the link. This one is a Len Foley clip talking about "Member Site Empires". He does mention David's popularity in the raw community, but only in passing . . . nothing about being dissatisfied with anything.

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