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Evolution of your raw body question

internettouristinternettourist Raw Newbie

Some of us have been raw for a long time. Others have been raw for a short period of time. We have seen changes in our body. Can you mention the changes and time frame you've seen? Also mention how raw you are. Thanks!


  • i was 100% raw for three months, and it's been another six months after that. throughout the rest of the time i've been around 90% raw since i have a baked sweet potato or boiled artichoke a couple times a week. in the past i ate a lot of black beans as well. raw cured my really bad teenage acne in two weeks.

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    Im about 80-90% raw (depending how often i go out to eat), but all vegan. Since i started to transition into the vegan/raw lifestlye Ive lost about 60lbs, and cured my IBS and chronic sinusitis. My skin is a lot softer and smoother too. Id love to be 100% all the time, i think its a work in progress.

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    I know this isnt exactly what you want to hear but...

    Ive been vegetarian for 2 years, vegan for seven months and I went 100% raw vegab for five months. That was one the worst choices I believe that I ever made personally. I did everything right, got calories, took vitamins. However my body did not respond well. I lost too much weight and now I am losing my hair and dealing with all the other side effects. I was raw 100% but now I include soymilk, tofu, and sprouted grain breads into my diet.


  • J AJ A

    Well I've been raw for a year, mainly 80/10/10 and about 90-95 % with two periods of 2,5 months each 100 % raw (November-mid-January and March-May). I've lost some serious weight, undergone emergency surgery because of appendicitis, been sicker than ever in my life after that (3 months) and am pretty tired most of the time. Not much energy. I've written before about my experience so I won't repeat here.

    I'm still 90-95 % raw but I realize I'm still just as much a sugar addict as I was before. All I've done is swap chocolate for sweet fruits, and I'm not doing any better (except for the weight loss, energy wise I was better off before though not great then either). I've recently realized I'll need to get rid of all sugar, including hybridized sweet fruits. Feels pretty much impossible. I've absolutely no appetite for salads. Maybe a bit for nuts but I can't live on them alone. Am currently contemplating on doing a long fast, maybe that'll help me to a good start...

    I'm not saying hybridized sweet fruits shouldn't be eaten, I'm not saying 80/10/10 is BS, all I say is I'm a BAD sugar addict (I can easily do 4 pounds of chocolate a day and still want some) and all the sweet fruit I'm eating is doing just the same to me as chocolate used to do. I feel I need to get rid of all sweet things for a while to be able to move on, I'm stuck as it is. Maybe I've got a huge colony of parasites inside me, eating all the sugar, don't know. Maybe my body will be able to handle sweet fruit later when it's cleaner. As it is, I _never_ get enough of sweet things - give me a case of ripe mangoes, I'll eat the lot and top off with ten ripe, prickly bananas. Give me five pounds of chocolate, I'll eat the lot and finish with another pound or two of chocolate ice cream. If it isn't sweet, it doesn't taste like anything to me.

  • I don't follow 100%, except for two one month stints. I try my best to eat high raw. When I eat high raw , my joints don't ache so much. I think it's also helped with me emotionally. I know it's not a very popular idea around here, but I do wonder if there isn't something to the idea that certain people do better with different kinds of foods. I know there are some people who excel on all raw. But high seems to work better for me.

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    I've been 75-80% raw for just over a year. Turned pescetarian a year ago and now working on going vegan.

    My skin has improved tons as I used to have constant spots around my mouth/chin. I feel much more energetic, although I now exercise more than I ever have done. I have dropped a bit of weight but wasn't that heavy to begin with and feel like I look more radiant and people often say how well I look.

  • LaEnsaladaLaEnsalada Raw Newbie

    I've been 99% raw for 9 months (I still drink black coffee) Lately I have not felt the need to drink coffee and I have been craving green smoothies like crazyy. I love being raw, I have so much energy and feel great all the time. One physical difference I have noticed is that my hair has gotten really curly, it used to be really straight without any wave at all. I've also noticed that my skin is much smoother and clearer.

  • I have been about 95% raw for almost 4 months now. Before I was eating a high protein/low carb diet so my detoxing was pretty crazy at first. The biggest changes I have noticed are increased energy, weight loss and needing less sleep. My appetite is also steadily decreasing. I have heard many comments that my skin and eyes seem much brighter. Some have said that they have noticed an overall "change" in the way I look but they can't seem to put their finger on it. I do still ocassionally have spots of detoxing symptoms where I will feel run down, upset stomach and skin breakouts for a few days but it always clears up and I feel fantastic again. :)

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