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I'm new here :) I'm also looking for advice

Hi, I wondered if anyone could give me some advice. I've been on a raw transition diet for about the last 10 weeks or so and have been feeling fantastic. However, I've recently picked up quite a nasty infection from an insect bite and been prescribed quite a hefty course of antibiotics. I really don't want to take them, and told the doctor as much. He said they're absolutely necessary. Does anyone know about stuff like this? Are there any alternatives?


  • gosh it seems like you would need to get the "health alternative" recommendations from a naturopath or an acupuncturist. if only because that could be serious.. I'm not sure i would take the antibiotics either. i've heard bentonite clay can work i get my himilayan bath salt here - www.healingclay.com . but like i said, i have no idea, so find someone that does.

  • mushrooms ♥

    powdered cordyceps and reishi i use a lot, they are natural alter natives....also extracts of maitake, shitake and some others, you could look into

  • Personally, I would take the antibiotics if it's a "nasty infection." I'm all for the natural path, I probably would have tried it right after finding a bite. But, if it's bad- I'd take the antibiotics. And, the full dose. Taking for a day or two and not finishing the prescription is very bad. Then you can get the antibiotics-resistant kind and you are really hurting.

  • If it is MRSA, then you really ought to take the antibiotics. Its unfortunate, but sometimes there's just no way around this kind of stuff. Just my opinion, though. Do speak with an alternative kind of doctor if you really dont want to take the antibiotics, but DO NOT WAIT to do it. I wish you the best. :)

  • Thanks for the advice everyone x

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