Rawrrrrrrrrrr :)

Hey everyone :) iam a 16 year old "freak" as iam often called who has been veggie for 5 years, vegan for one and has been dipping her feet in the raw ocean for about 6 months. I love how raw makes me feel but by the time i get to the evening its really hard for me to make something raw because im usually soo tired. Also, i do have a tad of a junk food addiction :p, its definately got alot better but i still lapse and just because its vegan junk food its still full of nasty fats and sugar!!!!! Ive been lurking on goneraw for agessss now so its about time i signed up, i love how helpful everyone is on here and the support everyone gets. It's nice to be with people who dont think green smoothies and vegan food is weird, i often get such a protein/b12 blah blah response when i say vegan i rarely mention the word raw, Im hoping to get my blog up soon so i can put my progress up there :D

really glad to be around here, much love



  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Hi rawgorgeous, nice to have you here. :)

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