Heeeelllpp--- I have been away too long.

I have forgotten how to access 'my favorites' and how to navigate around 'gone raw'...when i was involved last year, I loved leaving recipes, but doggone if I can figure out how to do anything this time around. Please help me.

Alen's Grams


  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    A LOT has changed since last Fall . . . for the better. Perhaps the biggest "hole" is that there is no help menu to assist in navigating the site. Several of us put together a Site Use Tips and Hints thread during the transition. Most of what's there is still valid. For some reason the "Favorites" threads link is currently missing on our profiles. It's been mentioned in the threads a couple of times, and I emailed K and R a few days ago. We're still waiting for that function to return.

    It may take a bit of practice to get proficient with surfing the site, but (IMHO) it's definitely worth the effort . . . and . . . Diane, WELCOME BACK to GoneRaw.

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