For Everyone!

I don't think there is a thread like this but if there is, my apologies.

I thought it would be cool for people to connect with other on here through email ect. Especially New people or less advanced Raw foodies! :D

Anyways. I'll go first.

I'm Megan. I'm 20 years old. I am an unprioritized heath nut. lol I'm trying VERY hard to be raw.

Here is my Myspace. Feel free to add me & we can all be support for each other even beyond this site!

Alright who's next? hehe


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Great idea, Megan! :)

    Anyone can find me on


  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Megan, thank you for starting this thread. It is always nice when we know how to contact each other (if we so desire) and access blogs, etc. It would also be very helpful (and efficient) for those who wish to share personal electronic to add it in their profiles. In a few months someone might want to contact you, but not remember that there's a thread with this information. If everyone would also share this information on their profiles it would be more accessible in the future. It would also be easier to maintain individual information. There would be only one place to go to update information. Should someone decide to withdraw the information, again it would only be posted one place on the site.

    There's not a "field" for entering this kind of information in the profile. Most people just put it at the bottom of their profile . . . sometimes with suggestions like "please include 'Gone Raw' in the subject line of your email". If someone indicates on a thread that they'd like to contact you, you can then refer them to your profile.

    Since only members can see user profiles, this also limits who has access to more personal information.

    To easily access someone's profile (including your own), just click on the name (blue hyperlink) from within a thread. You can access your personal profile by clicking on your name in the top right corner when you're logged in. To search for a user: Click "search", then select the "user" tab. Enter the user name, or portion that you remember, and click search.

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