Raw chocolate makes a TV appearance

Shazzie, raw chocolate revolutionary and all round raw food goddess, recently appeared on Market Kitchen on UK TV Food. She was interviewed by Guardian Food & Drink Editor Matthew Fort and Tom Parker Bowles about raw chocolate. Shazzie turned them from sceptics to raw chocolate devotees in just a few minutes!



  • I watched this yesterday! I was suprised that Matthew Fort was looking that interested!!

  • I saw some raw cooking on tv this week and was suprised. Giada who cooks Italian food on her own show showed raw pizza and some other stuff on a show about preparing a party. She was really positive about it. On her regular show I saw her fix a cucumber with asparagus salad with olive oil and lemon. She peeled the cuc into long strips. I think she must be exploring this because I saw an interview with her where she said she has stomach problems.

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