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AHH!! Help...I think I have SHINGLES!!

I've had the chickenpox when I was 4 years old.

Fast forward 16 years, to today. I woke up EXTREMELY exhausted and weak. Then as I get dressed, I notice my skin is sensitive to the touch - all over!! When cold water dripped from my wet hair on my body, it almost HURT. And today, I was achy all over.

)-: I bet it's shingles!! :-(

Have any of you developed that disease - and of course, I should see a doctor, but are there any things on the side that could help?


  • egeg


    im not 100% sure if its gonna work but in Poland ppl drink noni juice, they also cover (wrap) the infected skin soak with noni juice overnight.

    good luck!!!

  • People in poland use the juice of an exotic and expensive fruit that you can't even buy fresh in Europe??

    @dogsuponhotcats. I think the above mentioned is a salestrick, but Im afaraid I dont have suggestion to your question.

  • hey lola, i don't know about shingles, but noni juice is known as a miracle fruit and "cure-all", i've known people use it with amazing results. it tastes horrible in its natural state though but these guys www.neways.eu have a honey sweetened noni juice that's the best in my opinion. of course it's gonna be expensive if people have put lots of work into making something good, and it's a crazy fruit. i'm not selling, but if you can find someone near you who's a neways distributor you can sign up for yourself and try their products...once you feel better :)

    everybody's trying to make us another century of fakers

  • Go to the doctor. Shingles has a pattern in which it manifest in blisters. sometimes o the face, sometimes on the side. It's usually on one side of your body. It follows nerves. You should go to your doctor, because if it is shingles it can cause permanent nerve damage if not properly treated.

    I kinda don't think you have shingles though. It hurt "all over" - not typical. Also shingles usually is an old folks disease (I'm an RN btw.) And you'd have big nasty red blisters across your side or on your face.

    I don't know what else could have caused your pain. Has it continued? Sunburn? Fever?

    Let us know; hope you feel better

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    I totally agree with sid23 . . . go to the doctor. I had the chickenpox at about age 5, and shingles at age 62. They were excruciatingly painful. Luckily mine followed a nerve on my scalp and was diagnosed fairly quickly, so it never became visible to others. I could touch the specific spots that hurt with my finger (an area along the nerve about 4 inches long). The pain was a localized, very sharp, stabbing sensation that came in almost a rhythmical pattern, literally took my breath away and made my knees buckle. I was teaching when the first pains occurred and from the very beginning the pain was pretty intense and that specific. I still remember when it started . . . a Wednesday, shortly before lunch.

    What you describe does not sound like shingles to me. Of course, I

  • egeg

    i didnt say "fresh noni fruits", but u can get noni juice pretty easy out there.

  • amberablueamberablue Raw Newbie

    visit earthclinic: http://www.earthclinic.com/CURES/shingles.html this is their page (actually 3 pages) of natural and home remedies that people have used to alleviate and/or cure shingles. i love this site. i've posted on it lots, and tried many of the remedies, and added so many of the things into my life...

    people write in and list what they've used and recommend, how to use it, and other's will comment... as we all know certain things work better for some people more or less than others... i have a special sympathy for shingles since my brother had it bad a few years ago. i hope this helps. this is just a great natural health site to know about in general.

  • ladydaventryladydaventry Raw Newbie

    Go to the doctor. I have had shingles three times and it is a nasty thing to suffer. It can cause scarring too. The sooner you get some antivirals thew better. That said I have never tried any herbal remedies when I had had shingles but then again I hope never to have it again!

  • Thanks Amberablue for the link. My mother is currently suffering from Shingles. Maybe she'll be up for giving the Apple Cider Vinegar a shot.

  • amberablueamberablue Raw Newbie

    sure. one other thing i thought to mention is since shingles is viral, and garlic is so powerful against viruses. maybe try to add lots and lots of garlic into the diet.

    i'm a big believer in this... besides using it for colds, etc... i had mono 2 years ago, and have had some recurrences of mono, which is a similar virus to shingles. it wasn't mentioned on earthclinic very much in regards to shingles, but i figure in any viral issue (even one as strong as mono or shingles), garlic is definately something to add. just a thought...

  • @lushpapaya: At one time I worked in the accounts office for a raw noni producer in Hawaii and they sell tons to Poland! And Hungary, and Yugoslavia, etc... It's not a "sales trick". Noni might be helpful.

    My mom used castor oil applied at night (it's messy) to the spots that were most affected. It helped immediately and her case was terrible because she went so long not knowing what to do about it. Give it a try!

  • @ junglegirl. I find it quite funny that the ones who promote nonijuice are all new users. Hmmm.

    Btw Ive been to Poland a lot and Ive never seen nonijuice anywhere. Just buying organic is a hassle.

  • I had shingles and they went away within a week. No scarrs, no mess etc. You can't give them to anyone but stay away from pregnant women if they havent had chicken pox. (It passes to the unborn baby and can cause problems)

    I have to say, I did scratch at my shingles but they didnt scar so that's ok. I didnt take any medicine or herbal fusions for them at all. Oh I did cover it in a cold cream - just to 'cool it down' it was just an antiseptic cream thats used for babies nappie rash.

    It's a bit like a cold sore - they go but theres a chance they will come back as it always stays in your system. Just make sure you keep eating healthy (I'm sure you already do) and just let them run their course.

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